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Task Force for Campus Carry reinstated

Someone carrying a handgun
Photo by Josh Martinez | Staff Photographer

President Denise Trauth announced the review of Campus Carry rules and policy after the first year of implementation. The university conducted a survey during the 2016-2017 implementation year where students and faculty provided suggestions and input regarding the Campus Carry rules. Trauth has re-opened the discussion for the policy, asking the university community to share its thoughts.

Senate Bill 11, otherwise known as the campus carry bill, passed in the 84th Legislative Session. The bill was signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in June 2015 and implemented Aug. 1, 2016.

Trauth additionally implemented new designated gun-free areas including testing areas during the time the site is in use and private offices, under the occupant’s discretion.

“I invite you to share your opinions, comments and suggestions with us by using the new online survey that can be found on the Campus Carry website: www.txstate.edu/campuscarry,” Trauth stated in her campus-wide email.

Trauth reinstated the Campus Carry Task Force for the fall 2017 semester to assist with a final proposal for new implementations.

Students and faculty members have shown concern regarding the new gun laws introduced in Texas in 2016. Campus carry affects campuses by allowing concealed handgun licensees to enter the campus, with some restricted areas.

The Campus Carry Task Force was created to gather information in order to make the new gun laws on campus a smooth implementation. Hearings were conducted fall 2015 to get a better understanding on faculty and student concerns.

“I encourage you to engage in the process of reviewing our Campus Carry rules and policy. I am proud of the way our campus community has implemented this mandatory legislation by working collaboratively to create rules and a policy that has allowed our campuses to continue to provide a safe academic environment while achieving our educational mission,” Trauth mentioned in her email.


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