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Professors offer advice for new senior class

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Some seniors go into their last year with a plan for the future, some go in with an open mind and others choose to hope for the best. Some of Texas State’s professors and advisors reflected on their senior years and are prepared to offer advice.

Sam Heimbach, career advisor for career services helps students determine their plans for after college career-wise. Heimbach graduated with a major in mass communications from Texas State and said she knows how stressful senior year can become. Heimbach said although students should be focused on planning and learning, she advises students to appreciate their year and enjoy it because it’s the last one.

“I wish I would have treasured or enjoyed it more, because I think I was so worried about what was going to happen next that I didn’t really soak up what a cool and unique year it was,” Heimbach said. “If you are going into your senior year and you haven’t joined a student a student organization yet, there is still time to do it. If there is a professor you have always wanted to connect with or wanted to learn more about their professional background, reach out to them.”

Marsha Burney, communication studies professor, has worked for the university for about 12 years professionally and as a student. Currently she works as a lecturer for classes like introduction to communication and public speaking. Burney double majored in psychology and communication studies in 2005. Burney said it is important for students to finish their senior year, as some can get caught up in work and stress.

“I would have taken a little bit more time to be serious about what do I want to do when I graduate. Have fun. Continue to make memories. You deserve a little bit of a break, but do not stop. Keep going. If you haven’t already, make some good relationships with professors, because you will need them to write letters of recommendation for you. Take your grades seriously,” Burney said.

Sue Stewart, director of undergraduate studies, has been working for Texas State for 16 years. She teaches classes in leadership and professional communication. She said she believes it is important to spend some free time researching career opportunities before graduating.

“Enjoy it. Take every opportunity you can to learn about successfully moving from college to your career. There is a lot of work that goes into finding a job, so the earlier you start by way of internships or research or doing information interviews the better you are,” Stewart said.


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