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Bubble Believer graduates with promise to return

Joesph Losoya blows bubbles at the Fighting Stallions Statue to brighten students' day.
Photo by Daryl Ontiveros

Blowing bubbles and carrying the infamous Walter Piñata to and from the stage, Joseph Losoya, better known as the Bubble Believer, graduated with a degree in public relations on Aug. 11, 2017.

Students worried they will no longer see the Bubble Believer spreading positivity on Monday mornings may be surprised by his presence this semester, as Losoya expressed he will continue blowing bubbles and spreading encouragement.

“It wouldn’t have been the same without his positivity and fun bubbles,” Tiffany Rodriguez, nutrition senior, said. “He is truly an icon at Texas State.”

Losoya said he hopes to cheer on many more generations of Bobcats throughout their college journey.

“I wanted to continue the Bubble Believers because of the impact it has on everybody,” Losoya said. “The positivity and bubbles help students, faculty and staff get through the semester. It lets younger students visiting TXST (know) that college is not too scary or overwhelming.”

Losoya said he served in the Air Force from 2008-12 in Grand Forks, North Dakota with one six-month deployment to Afghanistan. It was there he learned the value of a positive mindset during an unhappy situation. Losoya began blowing bubbles as a fun pastime and to lift morale among his comrades.

Following his time in the military, Losoya attended Palo Alto College in San Antonio to obtain his associates degree. He brought his bubbles with him and continued to spread positivity among his peers, receiving tremendous support from the student body. Soon, the Bubble Believers were born and brought to Texas State after his transfer in fall 2015.

As an alumnus, Losoya hopes to continue his efforts at Texas State as well as expand his outreach to nearby universities, starting with Palo Alto and University of Texas at San Antonio.

“If I could be there to help students at other universities continue on the college path so they can experience some of the greatest moments of their lives, that would be great,” Losoya said.

In addition to bringing Bubble Believers to more college campuses, Losoya hopes to bring student bodies and their local community together. A first step in accomplishing this goal has been Losoya’s partnership with San Marvelous, a clothing boutique in downtown San Marcos. Together, Bubble Believers and San Marvelous have cooperated in T-shirt sales and hosting events.

Grateful for the opportunity to work with a local business and expand his Bubble Believers brand, Losoya hopes to further connect students to the community by potentially putting together a books and bubbles session for kids at the San Marcos Public Library or partner with one of the Mermaid Society events.

“A lot of times we forget that San Marcos has a community of people that live there,” Losoya said. “It’s not really our city; they let us live in their city for two to four years and then we leave. It would be cool to try to do as much as I can to connect the student body to the actual community.”

Losoya’s compassion for his peers and community has brought him to this moment in his life. Despite life’s uncertainties, he is eager to see how the Bubble Believers will grow in the years to come. His message to the world however, will always stay the same.

“Smile through the good and smile through the bad,” Losoya said. “Life is always going to give us challenges and it will be tough to take them on, but as long as you stay positive, it’s going to get better. Always stay positive.”

Correction, 4:50 p.m.: This story has been updated to say “Walter Piñata” instead of “Walker the piñata.”


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