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A letter to President Trump: Posthumously pardon Timothy McVeigh

Illustration by Israel Gonzalez | Staff Illustrator

Mr. President,

I must admit, after a tumultuous start to your presidency, the last couple of months have restored the nationalist and traditionalist fervor that propelled you to an unlikely, albeit necessary, victory.

Since August alone, you defended those brave dispossessed patriots, who in Charlottesville, were protesting the liberal decimation of American history, simultaneously laying the blame on Antifa thugs for the death of one of their own; pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a man who would have made a fantastic Stasi agent; and declared war on diversity by ending the Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals initiative. Bravo.

However, I have one suggestion that would set the tone for the rest of your presidency: posthumously pardon Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber.

Timothy McVeigh, the Paul Revere of the late-20th century, was ahead of his time. Before thinkers such as Steve Bannon appeared on the national stage and began promoting their apocalyptic vision of the United States, McVeigh was fervently studying William Luther Pierce’s “The Turner Diaries” and incessantly watching “Red Dawn.”

Though, as previously mentioned, you refused to condemn white-nationalists in Charlottesville, their bourgeoning movement has been confronted with several obstacles, most notably a denial of platform at universities and on the internet. McVeigh’s pardoning would reenergize the white-nationalist movement. This was a man who, 20 years before fascism got the Urban Outfitters treatment, was openly expressing his admiration of Hitler at parties and stockpiling an uncomfortable number of guns.

This is not to say that it will be easy to forgive the man responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing. However, if you need to justify your actions, which you usually don’t, there are two ways to go about it. Firstly, refuse to let the mainstream media refer to the bombing as a terrorist incident. This could easily come to fruition by signing an Executive Order which narrows the definition of terrorism to the actions of “radical Islamists.” McVeigh was simply expressing his anger toward the federal government, this doesn’t mean he wasn’t a fine young man. After all, he was a lover of fine filmmaking, counting Terry Gilliam’s farcical dystopian satire “Brazil” as a favorite, a film that’s since seen a Criterion Collection release.

Secondly, you should draw comparisons to yourself when reintroducing our country to McVeigh. The two of you support the indiscriminate killing of civilians in the name of some false ideology; by pardoning McVeigh your administration will garner more support for such actions. Who knows, you may inspire an entire generation of McVeighs!

I would hope that in reading this short letter, Mr. President, you come to realize that Timothy McVeigh is more of a comrade than you may have ever given him credit for.

Mr. President, you are the master of McVeigh’s fate, the captain of his soul, and you exert these same positions over this exceptional nation. McVeigh, in the months leading up to the bombing, was certain in what he had to do. I would expect you, the “law and order” president, to similarly assert your power.

Wheresoever eagles gather, be it Valhalla or our nation’s capital, may they gather under the banner of sister Europe, Trump and the gangly ghost of Timothy McVeigh.

In solidarity,

Laszlo Kovacs



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