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How Bobcats survived power outages, flash flood warnings


Bobcats across San Marcos experienced power outages and emergency flash flood warnings due to tropical storm Harvey.

These conditions trapped students in their apartments as they looked for creative ways to pass the time.

Andrew Perez, psychology senior, lives at The Avenue complex. He said he and his roommates prepared for the storm.

“Everyone here lived in Houston before, so they already had a bunch of provisions,” Perez said “We’ve been hanging out, eating a lot, but the wind is so bad it feels like the place is about to tip over.”

While some students stayed home, others did not let weather get in the way of their plans.

Tiffany Guerrero, psychology senior, lives at The Village on Telluride which received an emergency flash flood alert at 9:00 p.m. Saturday. Guerrero relocated to a friend’s house to watch the highly-anticipated fight between Floyd Maywether and Connor McGregor.

“My friends and I decided to stay in and have a sleepover, and watch the big fight. We barbecued out in the garage and made salsa and guacamole We’re staying safe but the party doesn’t stop,” Gurrero said.

Wesley Laster, law enforcement junior, is also making time for the fight during Harvey.

“I haven’t lost any power, but I did get a flash flood warning on my phone after my roommate and I left to watch the fight,” Laster said. “We’re worried about the drive back because we live at Copper Beech, which is supposed to flood all night.”

Some Bobcats experienced prolonged power outages, and cannot watch the fight, or do much else. These students can find creative ways to stay dry and entertained.

Kristen Frieh, exercise and sports science senior, lives at Hillside Ranch, which lost power for approximately four hours. She said her car and apartment have both suffered damages.

“The winds ripped my laundry room doors on the patio open, split the wood through the middle. The roof of the balcony is also starting to cave in and I noticed branches on my car,” Frieh said. “Power was down this morning and later this evening. This morning I did some unpacking and spent my time trying to contact the apartment about my leak. This evening I’ve just been reading books and staying in contact with my family.”

After President Denise Trauth announced the fall semester will not start on Monday, professors have sent out scheduling updates, syllabus information and assignment details.


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