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Make San Marcos great again: Protect our immigrants


The summer of 2017 has tested San Marcos residents in more ways than just the nearly insufferable heat. As we settle into the first year of the new administration, as well as the end of the 85th Texas legislature, our community faces questions of justice and inclusiveness.

On May 6th, Gov. Greg Abbott signed the anti-immigrant Senate Bill 4. This bill requires local law enforcement agencies to act as an extension of federal immigration authorities. Police chiefs from across the state have come out in opposition to the bill, stating that it would only make Texas less safe and daily policing more difficult.

Last weekend, a Dripping Springs father of five was arrested for driving without a license. Despite having lived in Texas for 30 years, Martin Guerrero, a masonry business owner and faithful church-goer was jailed and due to enter deportation proceedings Sunday morning. However, after hundreds of protestors came to demand his release, he was reunited with his family.

While Sheriff Cutler exercised his discretion to honor Guerrero’s 4th amendment rights, not letting a traffic infraction result in the needless, immoral shattering of a local family, come Sept. 1, Senate Bill 4 will thwart Sheriff Cutler from doing that.

Immediately following the signing of SB4, the city of El Cenizo and Maverick County valiantly sued the state of Texas, stating the bill violated both the Texas and U.S. constitutions. Major cities such as Dallas and Houston, and our neighbors San Antonio and Austin quickly joined the lawsuit as well. Even historically conservative cities such as Arlington and Ft. Worth, but not San Marcos.

In what appears to be an effort by our city council to remain unbiased, they have been largely unresponsive to calls to action to defend the community’s most vulnerable members; however, they understand you cannot be neutral on a moving train, and lack of political action is still a political stance, especially in the face of an impending human rights crisis. Up to this point, they have consciously chosen to support SB4.

The silver lining in this terrible situation is it has brought individual members of the community and local businesses together to take a moral stand against the bill and call for our city council to join them. Nearly three dozen businesses have publicly signed on to such a petition, including Root Cellar Café, Tantra Coffeehouse, Rheas Ice Cream, Wake the Dead Coffeehouse, Jo’s Café and Vagabond to name a few.

The majority of the editorial board of this great city’s student newspaper is officially signing on in solidarity as well.

It would simply be immoral for us students—many of us afforded a wealth of privileges—to let our fellow San Martians face the dangers of the most ruthless and vicious anti-immigrant bill this country has ever seen. If police chiefs all over our state can take a stand, it is imperative that student leaders, the future of this nation, do as well.




  1. Silly little “journalist?”

    The opperative word is “illegal” immigrant. You forgot “illegal”, undocumented, or what ever it is what you would like to call them. The U.S. has NO problem what so ever with immigrants, that is immigrants who come here legally with proper documentation.

    No country accepts illegal immigrants. If you go to a country illegally do not be shocked when you get in trouble or kicked out! America is surprisingly relaxed towards it than other countries… Stop complaining and take responsibility for your own actions….

    Anyone who comes here illegally know that they risk getting in trouble… they know that what they are doing is wrong, but are surprised when they get caught? LOL
    My family came here LEGALLY and all is fine, I have no issues. I have proper access to health care, protection with laws, etc.

    Why would you come here illegally? Put the time in and do it right.

    An immigrant is not the same thing as an illegal immigrant

  2. I have no idea how this paper is still running without interference from the university.
    So let’s be clear, as you guys conveniently left out information to fuel your cause as per usual, that Martin Guerrero was in fact here for 30 years ILLEGALLY. PERIOD. It is his own damn fault at this point, no excuses. As a paper meant for college students, it is immensely shameful you can not seem to push the concept of personal responsibility to your readers. This guy had 30 years to prevent this very thing by becoming legal….my grandmother came somewhat illegally (by accident as she was ignorant of the rules, but initially had a work visa) and still managed to do the right thing by remedying her legal status promptly. You should be ashamed. You are not making San Marcos “great again”; you’re making it dumber.


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