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University police search for suspicious male on campus

Star File photo

Texas State University Police Department was notified of a male ranting about 9/11 terrorist attacks on June 23 in McCoy hall during a lecture.

Witnesses from the class said the unidentified male brought up 9/11 and expressed his desire to speak with the highest person in authority about the attack, according to a UPD Facebook post. Witnesses also said he mentioned Texas State President Denise Trauth specifically, and suggested she make a statement about the attacks.

After his rant, the suspect stood up and reached into his back pack, which caused everyone to flee the classroom. The male left before officers arrived on the scene.

The suspect is believed to be a white male with dark curly hair, wearing a blue shirt and khaki pants at the time of the incident and carrying a black backpack. Individuals who have information regarding the situation or know the suspect are urged to contact UPD at 512-245-2805.


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