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Senate passes legislation to protect San Marcos River

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Senate Bill (SB) 965 was passed May 8 by Sen. Judith Zaffirini which will support law enforcement efforts to protect the San Marcos River and ensure public safety.

Voters in counties along the river will be able to approve the creation of water and safety zones where they could impose fees of up to $4 per person for services such as rental of recreation equipment, shuttle service or ingress or egress service.

Funding would be generated by the fees, which will be used to hire additional law enforcement to the zones.

“Our goal is to enhance public safety and enjoyment of the San Marcos River, protect landowners’ private property rights and preserve the river’s natural beauty for future generations,” Zaffirini stated in a press release.

Due to a lack of law enforcement coverage along the river, areas not monitored by police are taken advantage of by visitors, as there are frequent alcohol-related incidents in those zones.

SB 965 will be sponsored by Rep. John Cyrier, as it moves to the House of Representatives for consideration.


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