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Trends and advice in choosing swimwear

Photo by: Lara Dietrich Multimedia Editor

The spring season is in full force and so is swimsuit season. Find a swimsuit that is both stylish and comfortable.

Here are a few of the latest swimsuit trends and tips to help keep Bobcats chic while at the pool or river.


One pieces

This year, one pieces are hitting the fashion scene with various styles. The most seen styles so far are low plunges, side cut-outs, high leg cuts or the traditional single-colored one piece.

Emily Ferris, fashion consultant at O’Neil House of Fashion, said she likes one-piece swimsuits because they are more modest than most swimwear.

“I want something that is not a bikini and still looks fashionable and this style is it,” Ferris said. “One-pieces provide a little more coverage than most swimwear but still looks cute.”

 Side cutouts

 One-piece swimsuits with side cutouts were a huge hit this season on the runway. The strategically placed side cut outs help accent the waist.

Aliyah Granger, accounting sophomore, said this swimsuit style is one of her favorites this year.

“I have not gotten one yet, but that is the style I am looking for,” Granger said. “They are really cool, look fashionable and are in right now.”

High-waisted bottoms

This trend creates a classy retro effect and provides more coverage than the traditional bikini bottom.

Ferris said those looking to get a tan should avoid the high waisted bottom swimsuits.

“I really like high-waisted bottoms,” Ferris said. “The only problem is it can give you a really bad tan line.”

All black swimwear

In the fashion industry, black never goes out of style, so there’s no surprise it got the most favored color in swimwear.  

Christina Moore, nursing freshman, said black is her favorite color in swimwear because it is a staple color.

“Black is a really easy and simple color to wear,” Moore said. “You can match it with anything, which makes it so great to wear.”

Mesh or sheer swim wear

Mesh and sheer fabric on swimwear is being used to create graphic shapes, making it a new and unique swimwear.

 “This style is more conservative than a plain cut out swimsuit,” Moore said. “But the mesh gives it a cool effect.”

Ferris said she is a supporter of the mesh trend, but shoppers should beware of the easy-tear fabric.

“It looks really nice and styles really good,” Ferris said. “The only inconvenient part is it can rip easily, so I would be careful where I wear it to.”


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