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Texas State’s Master of Education program ranks in the top of the nation

Photo by: Jennifer Chacon | Staff Photographer

Texas State’s College of Education has recently been recognized as having one of the top ranked graduate programs in the nation.

The rankings were conducted by the SR Education Group, an education research publisher founded in 2004 that researches colleges across the U.S to develop online resources for those seeking to pursue higher education.

“Our rankings are based on affordability, accessibility and quality,” said Taitum Ridgway, leading marketing manager at SR Education Group. “Our goal is to help prospective students find a degree program that matches their budget and career aspirations.”

Ranked as the 16th program in the nation out of the 19 that were selected by the organization, Texas State holds a 93 percent recommendation rating based on the reviews collected by SR Education.

“In order to be considered for the list, schools were required to have at least 10 reviews specific to that program,” Ridgway said. “After meeting the requirements for inclusion, schools were ranked based on their student score, which is calculated by multiplying a school’s average student rating by 20 (in order to give a score out of 100.)”

Reviews for the schools were gathered through SR Education’s website GraduatePrograms.com where students can voluntarily submit reviews and ratings of their schools and programs.

Various factors were considered when reviewing each school including quality of instruction,

rigor of curriculum, student diversity, financial services, campus safety, networking opportunities, career advising and career preparation.

The process for collecting reviews and complying the rankings has taken place since 2012, although the timeline for getting the data together for this year’s rankings took about eight months, according to Ridgway.

At Texas State offers 13 concentrations for the Master’s of Education degree that are different areas of study, depending on the career track that student is aiming towards.

“Some people come and want a Master’s degree in Reading while some people are more interested towards earning their degree in Educational Leadership, but we’re all contributing to the success of our students,” said Dr. Bergeron Harris program director for the Masters in Educational Leadership.

Harris, who graduated from the M.Ed Educational Leadership program at Texas State, attributes the College of Education’s success to the faculty’s continued dedication to growth.

“I believe in the program and working with a team that’s equally passionate about ensuring that all students receive a quality education keeps me here,” Harris said. “And of course I’m a graduate from here, so if I’m going to give my talent and skills somewhere, it’s going to be a place that did right by me.”