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Chase Ambrose: a passion for the green


Being a successful athlete goes beyond practice and preparation; it requires a love of the sport: a love Chase Ambrose demonstrates on the green.

Hailing from Katy, a small-but-growing town with a population of 15,013, the sophomore attended Seven Lakes High School before becoming a Bobcat.

Attending Texas State wasn’t a difficult decision for Ambrose. Even before making his decision, he had ties to the school.

“My dad went here, way back when, when it was named Southwest Texas,” Ambrose said. “I just love the campus; I love the area.”

Ambrose was introduced to the game of golf by his father and grandparents. Growing up, Ambrose played almost every sport except golf, but that changed when he began middle school.

“I grew up playing every sport besides golf, basically,” Ambrose said. “I started playing golf in like the seventh or eighth grade.”

It was during his freshman year of high school he fully committed to the sport of golf.

“When I got to my freshman year of high school, I had a choice: I could either be on varsity golf as a freshman, or I could play other sports and then play JV golf,” Ambrose said. “That’s when I decided just to play golf, and that was the last time I played any other sport.”

Ambrose enjoys the mental and physical challenges of the game as well as the unpredictability of it. These factors played a big part, if not the biggest part, in why he chose to commit to golf.

“It’s more challenging, ‘cause no matter how much you practice or whatnot, you can still have a different outcome,” Ambrose said. “It’s tough, like I could be hitting the ball great, I could go out there and shoot a lot higher than I would think I’d shoot, or I could go out there and hit the ball bad: you never know.”

More than anything, Ambrose gets satisfaction from when he’s able to take his hard work and practice, and translate it into success on the links.

“I feel more accomplished when I play well. All the hard work pays off,” Ambrose said.

Golf requires consistent practice and focus, which is something the sophomore welcomes openly.

“In another sport, you know you can practice a bunch, take a month off, and go right back to it,” Ambrose said. “You take a week off from golf, and you’re out there like ‘how do I hit the ball straight again?’”

Though it’s a sport that centers squarely on individual play, Ambrose enjoys the camaraderie that comes from the team aspect of golf.

“It feels great when you’re out there playing good, especially when you’re playing with the team and you put a good number in,” Ambrose said.

When taking a break, he enjoys hanging out with his fellow teammates. On their days off, the teammates do things together, but even when taking a break from the sport, golf occasionally comes up.

“When we have like a day off or something, we go out and float as a team. There’s like another driving range close, but that’s golf outside of golf,” Ambrose said. “This semester we would get Tuesdays off, so on Monday nights the whole team would go bowling.”

When it comes to being a sports fan, Chase is very much in a committed relationship with the city of Houston.

“Houston all around: Houston Astros, Houston Rockets, Houston Texans, boom, 100 percent,” Ambrose said. “I kind of like the whole Rockets team but obviously, James Harden is the best.”

With two years left at Texas State, Ambrose has time to weigh his plans for the future, including going pro or not.

“I’ve put a lot of thought, and I have two more years of college,” Ambrose said. “I’ve got to see if I still love it enough. You’ve got to love it cause you’re spending a lot of time on yourself practicing and traveling. If you love to do it it’s perfect; if not, you’re wasting your time.”

Should things not go as planned with golf, Ambrose intends to use his finance degree to follow a path like that of his father, a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley.

At 20, Ambrose is making the most of his time at Texas State, creating memories and finding his own path in life.


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