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Anonymous article shines negative light on Greek life

Cole Evans, marketing sophomore, and Sigma Chi members raise money April 12 in the Quad.
Cole Evans, marketing sophomore, and Sigma Chi members raise money April 12 in the Quad.
Photo by: Jamie Dorsey | Staff Photographer

An article written by an anonymous sorority member at Texas State surfaced on the internet and received a lot of backlash from Greek and non-Greek students.

The article was published early March on Total Frat Move, a college lifestyle website.

In the article, the anonymous writer mentioned how Greek life at Texas State had taken a turn for the worse after four fraternities were suspended due to a party linked to the death of an Alpha Delta Pi sorority member, Jordin Taylor.

The anonymous writer said the only fraternities left were “guys who play WoW (World of Warcraft) on weekends and smell like cheese puffs, lotion and Kleenex.”

She also said if things continue the way they are, Greek life on campus would no longer exist and questioned who would want to come to Texas State.

The controversial article was taken down from Total Frat Move, but had already spread throughout the Texas State community.

Lauren Bogard, public relations sophomore and Gamma Phi sorority member, said the article does not show the true values of Greek life and is insensitive toward the student who passed away.

“The article does not reflect how the rest of Greek life is or thinks,” Bogard said. “Going out to party is not the reason people join a fraternity or sorority.”

Bogard said a lot of misconceptions associated with Greek life came from the article.

“People who are not involved in Greek life don’t know what true values we uphold, and when things like this article come out, it gives those outsiders a bigger incentive to believe that partying and going out is all we care about,” Bogard said.

Cesar Leon, electronic media and Beta Upsilon Chi fraternity member, said parties, drugs and poor academics are labels people have grown to attribute to Greek life.

“Fraternities and sororities have core values they stand by,” Leon said, “For example, my fraternity doesn’t do underage drinking, we have to maintain a certain GPA and we have to be full-time students.”

Leon said he didn’t join Greek life because of the parties, but rather to be involved in the community.

“Greek life is about brotherhood, having accountability, being there for each other, as well as uplifting and motiving each other,” Leon said.

Eva Griswold, nursing freshman and Delta Gamma sorority member, said she wants people who have negative misconceptions about Greek life to know only a small group of people think the same as the anonymous writer.

“Being in a sorority is not just about wearing your letters or going out,” Griswold said. “It is about actually getting to know people and having people there to help you out and give you advice.”

Amanda Ray, exercise and sport science sophomore and Delta Gamma sorority member, said the anonymous writer was not speaking for all Greek members.

“I hated how the article trashed on Greek life and focused on how Greek life is just a party life,” Ray said. “Every sentence she said was selfish.”

Ray said there are many things to be highlighted about Greek organizations.

“Delta Gamma raised over $10,000 during a non-alcoholic, philanthropic event for the fall, Anchor Splash,” Ray said. “We also pair up with fraternities to raise money as well.”

Ray said she hopes the article did not scare anyone from going through recruitment or make them feel indifferent about sororities and fraternities.

“Greek life is such a fun way to really enjoy college,” Ray said. “It has been great being a Delta Gamma so far, and it can only go up from here.”