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Trauth responds to controversial fliers

Tweet of a photo that was displayed on campus about white supremacy

Texas State President Denise Trauth responded to the anti-Semitic fliers through a campus wide email, nearly a week after the incident.

President Trauth condemns the violence and reassures students that the university stands with diversity and against circumstances where diversity is comprisable.

“I want to stress that religious intolerance is no less reprehensible than that focused on other classes within our nondiscrimination policy,” Trauth said in an email.

Trauth’s email comes after Texas State students expressed oppositions and concerns on Twitter for the anti-Semitic fliers posted near Alkek Library, Friday March 3.

This now marks the latest and third appearance of controversial fliers at the university. Students fusilladed comments on social media calling for the university to address the fliers. One user tweeted “I will withdraw from (Texas State University) if I continue to feel unsafe.” Another user tweeted, “How am I supposed to want to enroll in #TexasState when this kind of hate is tolerated here.”

Following the anti-Semitic threats against the Jewish community, a link and hashtag were posted at the bottom of the flier: www.Dailystormer.com and #SmashAntifa

According to the Daily Stormer’s website, “The Daily Stormer is non-profit and 100% reader-supported. We do what we do because we are attempting to preserve Western Civilization.”

The hashtag was traced back to the Twitter handle @SmashAntifa, an account dedicated to “Promoting White Interests,” according to the account’s biography.

“This is funny. Maybe tomorrow, more tears will be shed,” @SmashAntifa tweets in reply to students expressing concerns for the fliers.

Although safety concerns are growing within the student body. Trauth writes, “Our university police continue to investigate these incidents.”

The fliers were posted the day before Trump supporters rallied across several states including Texas.