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The San Marcos community grows with new yoga studio

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A new yoga studio dedicated to community outreach services is opening this spring in downtown San Marcos.

Shine on Yoga will be a studio aiming to include all aspects of the community and personalize yoga for each individual.

“We will have yoga taught in sign language, and yoga classes that are specific for people living with PTSD or any type of anxiety or depression,” said General Manager Kathryn Zollars.

Owner Taylor Whitmore said many yoga studios cater to a specific age demographic, but yoga is something people of all ages can benefit from.

“The primary income for most studios falls between the ages of 18 and 40, but we are trying to break down those barriers, because yoga can be really beneficial to kids and adolescents,” Whitmore said.  “It’s extremely beneficial to those over the age of 45 and those who are nearing 60, 70 and 80.”

Yoga can improve one’s physical and mental health, Whitmore said.

“Yoga can lower stress response levels and it gives us more conscious control over our emotions, reactions and responses to life in general and the world at large, so we can start to approach life calmer, more centered and with personal responsibility,” Whitmore said.

The studio will give Texas State students the option of using Bobcat Bucks to pay for yoga classes.

“We fully intend to have Bobcat Bucks available,” Whitmore said. “We’ll be offering student discounts because we really want to make it accessible to the Texas State students.”

Allison Davis, licensed professional counselor at Expressive Hearts Counseling, specializes in PTSD. She said students with stress could benefit from the long term practice of yoga.

“Regular yoga practice can increase the connection with the breath and enable to brain to become less aroused so it allows relaxation to begin,” Davis said. “Many times, people live in a hyper aroused state and their nervous system is constantly in fight or flight, so yoga can rebuild the mind-body connection and just give students the ability to regain their sense of control and ownership over their body and experience.”

Shine On Yoga plans to reduce the monthly price of classes for people who attend regularly to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

“The more you practice, the less you pay,” Whitmore said. “We have a payment scale that goes down the more you come. After a certain number of classes, you could be paying just $30 a month for unlimited yoga.”

The studio aims to connect with the community by hosting local events.

“We’ll be using our studio as sort of a hub or central location to spread this community awareness and to spread this yoga-based community action,” Whitmore said. “We’ll be teaming up with different groups to sponsor free events in public schools for children and local clean-up efforts for the green spaces and rivers around the San Marcos area.”

Due to the large Hispanic population in Texas and in San Marcos, Shine On Yoga is hoping to offer yoga classes in Spanish.

“We are seeking out people who want to be certified to teach yoga in Spanish because of the large Hispanic demographic in Texas and because they are a very under-served population; not many people teach yoga in Spanish,” Whitmore said.

The new location has two studios; the first floor studio can hold around 60 people, and the second floor studio holds around 25-30 people.

Shine On Yoga is scheduled to open by mid-April and will be located at 300 University Drive.