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The new student body president must represent the entire


After a torrid campaign rivaling the likes of last year’s national election, Connor Clegg and Colton Duncan will be the student body president and vice president for the 2017-18 school year. Hopefully, the pair will uphold campaign promises and tackle the diversity and communication issues our university is facing.

Voter turnout for Student Government positions is typically pretty low. Students are concerned with classes, family and their day-to-day life and don’t spend much time concerned with Student Government’s affairs and elections. However, this campaign cycle captured the attention of student’s far and wide because of the intrigue of alleged early-campaigning and the popularity of Black Lives Movement San Marcos leader Russell Boyd.

Boyd was disqualified early in the campaign season after a complaint was filed by Clegg. The Clegg-Duncan team claimed Boyd had participated in early campaigning, citing a tweet he made referring to how Boyd believed he would be a good president. In keeping with the fact that most students saw through this political ploy, the student Supreme Court overturned the decision and Boyd was allowed to run.

Throughout the campaigns both candidates offered appealing campaign promises with Boyd offering solutions to bridge the diversity gaps on campus and Clegg declaring that he would improve campus security. Some students felt that both candidates’ campaign promises fell flat after witnessing the petty bickering and jabs about outfits and tweets that the contenders made on the night of the debate. We hope that Clegg will be a student body president that is able to put aside trivial differences and comments in an effort to work towards a greater good—a unified student body.

Students deserve a president and vice president that will fight for their issues, listen to their struggles and enact legislation to improve the lives of all Bobcats. Hopefully Clegg and Duncan will come through on their promises and leave office having improved the university and community.

We wish Clegg and Duncan the best of luck and look forward to the good their administration can bring to the university.