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Texas State takes first in Associated Schools of Construction competition

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Students from Texas State’s Construction Science and Management program took first place at the Associated Schools of Construction competition in the Heavy Civil category.

The ASC competition takes place over three days and teams start preparing at their respective schools. Competitors are required to estimate the cost of a real life construction project, create a schedule, create a safety plan and come up with a design before the competition.

This year’s event was held in Dallas, where teams  presented projects to a panel of judges. Texas State beat other teams from Texas, as well as teams from Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

“It was a lot of work and a lot of long hours in a short duration of time,” said Jacob Pierce, construction science and management sophomore. “It was satisfying when we won.”

Most of the students on the team have previous experience working in construction, ultimately giving them an advantage over other schools.

“The team is made up of students who work in the industry right now, so of the six participating, four of them have jobs in civil construction,” said Cade Humphries, department of engineering technology lecturer. “We have a good group of students who work a lot and go to school, which kind of gave us an advantage I think.”

Pierce believes that the support the team received from Humphries was what helped them achieve victory.

“The support we got from our professor leading up to the competition was imperative to our success,” Pierce said. “I think it’s because of his support leading up to it is the reason we won honestly.”

The process of estimating and creating plans for their project must be done strategically, as students have a limited amount of time to complete these steps.

“They are real projects that companies have done and then the students are expected to estimate them, schedule the project, do a safety plan and a quality control plan in 16 hours,” Humphries said. “This process traditionally takes industry people months to do and they are asking students to do it in less than a day.”

The project this year was a bridge for an underpass in Fort Worth.

“It was kind of a neat project, where they had to dig out underneath an already existing railroad and road to make an underpass under an existing road that will become a bridge once they finish the super structure,” Humphries said.

Teams meet throughout the year to prepare for the competition learning what software they will need and what responsibilities each student will have.

“We meet about once a month during the fall and then when it gets closer we meet more often, but everybody puts in about 40-50 hours,” Humphries said.

Jacob Pierce, construction science and management sophomore, won the first place Best Presenter Award for the Heavy Civil Division.

The Heavy Civil Presenter of the Year was Jacob Pierce and the Design Build Presenter of the Year was John Resendez.

“It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the rest of the teammates, I know I got best presenter, but I think anybody could have gotten it honestly,” Pierce said, “It was surprising because I didn’t know that there would be individual awards, so when I found out it was pretty cool.”