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Suede and bodysuits take over spring fashion

Different fashion trends that are popular this season.
Spring is here and so are the different fashion trends that are popular this season.
Photo by: Brandon Valencia | Staff Photographer

March 20 marks the first day of spring. These new fashion trends have been influenced by comfort and past decades.

Here are a few tips to stay fashionable this spring season.


The ‘70s-inspired trend doesn’t stop at suede boots but has influenced jackets, dresses, tops, skirts and various accessories. The soft and delicate fabric can be worn year-round which makes for an even better buy.

Emily Ferris, fashion consultant at O’Neil House of Fashion, predicts suede will be a big hit this spring.

“We recently got some suede skirts in and everyone is already calling it and ready to buy them,” Ferris said. “I would say that is going to be one of our top sellers this spring.”

Karen Amenyinu, psychology freshman, said she thinks suede is going to be a leading trend.

“I think suede is really cute,” Amenyinu said. “I would style a suede skirt with an off the shoulder top.”


Denim has been an ever-changing fad familiar to fashionistas. It is an easy go-to classic.

Emily Watkins, applied sociology senior, said she predicts denim is going to be seen everywhere this season.

“I think denim in all sorts of styles and colors is going to be a leading trend,” Watkins said. “I have seen a lot of denim skirts, overalls and tops everywhere in stores lately.”

Off- the shoulder tops

Off the- shoulder tops have been popular since last summer and are here to stay for spring.

 Ferris said she likes off the shoulder tops because they are easy to style.

“I could wear this style for many occasions like brunches or dinners,” Ferris said. “Off the shoulder tops are really good for any occasion.”

Watkins said this trend is one of her favorites for spring.

“I am always a big fan of the off the shoulder crop tops paired with high waisted jean shorts,” Watkins said.


 It’s no surprise bodysuits are a dominating trend for spring. The early ‘90s trend is great for making a top seem perfectly tucked in.

Ferris said bodysuits are great to have.

“They are one of my go-to clothing pieces because they are really easy to style,” Ferris said. “You can throw one on with jean shorts and be ready to go.”

Watkins said bodysuits look great for going out.


 The athleisure look is no longer only for the gym but for general everyday wear. Designers from Dolce & Gabbana to Versace were praising this trend two weeks ago during the New York Fashion Week.

Watkins said she likes the active wear trend.

“It is really comfortable,” Watkins said. “I really like wearing leggings and yoga pants.”

Athleisure wear is another style Ferris is fond of.

“I am all about being comfortable,” Ferris said. “If you’re going to be on campus, you can’t always look super cute, so athleisure wear is a way to still be fashionable and look good.”