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San Marcos needs more girl bands and musicians

Illustration by: Flor Barajas | Staff Illustrator

The local music scene is something I have grown to love, and is a big factor in keeping me in San Marcos. However, this town needs more female musicians and all-girl bands to push back against a male-dominated subculture.

Nearly every show around here features an all-male lineup, but seeing even one all-girl band is a rarity. Thankfully, there has been a rise in musical acts with front-women like Rachel LaCoss of Muff, Kendra Sells of BluMoon and Leighann Gardner of Night Clerk.

KTSW organized a show called “Play Like A GRRRL” March 8 to showcase female artists of San Marcos and surrounding areas for International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day serves as a reminder of the on-going women’s rights movements throughout the world. It encourages people to engage in conversations with and regarding badass women. A question I repeatedly heard throughout the day was, “Why don’t we do this more often?”

The same question applies to KTSW’s Play Like A GRRRL show. Why is it not normality?

Seeing woman after woman kill their set at this lady-centric event was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. As someone who wants to dabble in music, it was beautiful to see ladies demand and dominate their space in a male-reigned sphere. I want nothing more than for this to be the norm.

Representation is important, and all of these talented women are showing girls they can be just as good—or better— than their male counterparts. In fact, right off the bat, female musicians have something extremely refreshing and honest to offer San Marcos and the world.

Andrea Torres, student and organizer of Play Like A GRRRL, says although the San Marcos community is beautiful and encouraging, there is a definite disparity between male to female musicians.

“When planning Play Like a GRRRL for International Women’s Day, it didn’t take long to realize most of the selections for female acts were going to be from surrounding areas, like Austin or San Antonio,” Torres said. “I’m hoping with the exposure from the female artists at the event there will be a stronger desire for leading ladies in the San Marcos music scene to inspire other local ladies to take a step into the music world. Males dominate most everything in this country, but it’s time for the other 50 percent to stand together, encourage each other and create change in every facet of life—from the workplace to art to music.”

The music coming out of San Marcos is nothing short of exciting. All the male musicians I have had the pleasure of meeting have been very welcoming and encouraging to the idea of a growing female presence. With or without their encouragement, there is no better time than now for women to pick up some instruments and claim their rightful space in the music arena.

– May Olvera is a journalism junior


  1. Ill be honest…. I give women a lot of credit for overcoming obstacles (real and self created). I will not however, understand those of you ladies who sit here and state that we need more women in x y z but will never take the steps to actually pursue x y z.


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