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Quad fashion finds: spring edition

Haley Norriss, psychology sophomore, walks to class in the Quad Feb 16.
Photo by: Jamie Dorsey | Staff Photographer

The weather is beginning to warm up again and Bobcats are welcoming the spring season by trading in boots and coats for T-shirts and shorts.

Light layers were seen on the Quad this week as students said goodbye to winter and hello to spring.

Victoria Stetson

Victoria Stetson, advertising sophomore, said her style inspiration comes from the 90s.

“I like my high-waisted jeans with a shirt tucked in or a crop top,” Stetson said.

Stetson said she looks to Pinterest or other sites for ideas and inspiration on how to style her outfits.

“I sometimes see stuff from Urban Outfitters which can be expensive,” Stetson said. “I try to find stuff that looks similar but cost less.”

Megan Odia

Megan Odia, sociology freshman, describes her style as comfortable and alternative.

“Through my style I am able to express myself in a colorful way,” Odia said.

Odia said she channels a lot of her outfit inspiration from the musicians she listens to.

A$AP Rocky, Harlem artist, is one of the rappers Odia follows in fashion.

“During New York fashion week I really liked what Young Thug and Fetty Wap wore,” Odia said.

Odia said her current favorite fashion pieces are cutoff T-shirts, tights, tennis shoes, and caps.

Abdiel Rivas, mathematics sophomore, said he also looks to his favorite musicians for fashion ideas.

“I like to discover new music which is the reason why I like to discover new stuff in fashion as well,” Rivas said.

Rivas said the as the temperature begins to warm up he is going to start styling his clothes for campus differently.

“Now that it is getting hotter,” Rivas said, “I am going to wear more nude, lighter and muted colors.”

Eileen Hernandez

 Eileen Hernandez, electronic media sophomore, said she likes to pair heels with her outfits.

“I think wearing heels makes you feel more feminine,” Hernandez said. “When you’re walking and strutting in your heels I feel that it empowers you a little bit.”

Hernandez looks to Pinterest when she doesn’t know how to style an outfit.

“If I don’t know how to throw something together, I’ll just check out Pinterest and see what styles they put with what,” Hernandez said. “I think that shoes are the main thing that make an outfit.”

Hernandez said due to the fluctuating Texas weather she layers her clothing.

“I usually throw something on top that I can easily take off when it gets warmer,” Hernandez said.

Christine Leicht

Christina Leicht, public relations junior, said she finds inspiration through beauty and fashion bloggers. Leicht’s favorite go-to fashion piece is leggings.

“My style is very relaxed and comfortable,” Leicht said. “I mostly like athleisure wear.”

Haley Norriss

Haley Norriss, psychology sophomore, said her style is a mixture of schoolgirl and old-fashioned clothes.

“Nothing in particular influences my style,” Norriss said. “If I like it, I wear (it), if not, I don’t.”

Norriss said she doesn’t take the weather in consideration when dressing for school.

“I don’t take the weather into account,” Norriss said. “Whatever I feel like wearing (is what) I put on.”

Mathew Barnes

Mathew Barnes, economics freshman, said he tries to stand out and express his personality through clothing.

“I would say my style is unique,” Barnes said.

Barnes said he uses peers and fellow Bobcats for fashion tips and outfit inspiration.

“If I see someone wear something cool, I try my own spin on it,” Barnes said.

Currently, Barnes favorite things to wear are long sleeves and jeans.