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Headlines March 8


Passed Student Government pieces

Resolutions to create economic relationships at Texas State and to affirm Student Government’s dedication to protecting the First Amendment were unanimously passed in the March 6 meeting.

Both of these resolutions were enacted to better serve the student body.

 New QEP in progress

Dr. Beth Wuest, associate vice president for institutional effectiveness, is seeking ideas for the new Quality Enhancement Program that will be introduced in 2021.

The previous program was the PACE plan to better help incoming freshman get acquainted with campus.

Student Government proposals

Two acts amending Title I and Title III of the Student Government code correcting grammatical errors and imprecise language were proposed at the March 6 meeting.

These proposals will be voted on in the next meeting March 20.

Glitter is litter

The Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management Department is working on a plan to reduce the amount of confetti litter found on campus.

The department is working with UPD in making confetti litter on campus a class C misdemeanor.

University News Subscriptions

An emergency piece of legislation was amended at the Student Government meeting March 6.

A resolution on University News Subscriptions was unanimously voted into effect in support of the Faculty Senate’s efforts to provide access to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.