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De’Marcus Porter: putting in work for a desired outcome

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Attending practices, going to meets and daily workouts are a part the busy schedule of all track and field athletes.

For one Bobcat not limiting his schedule allows him to put in the extra work to strive to be the best.

De’Marcus Porter, junior sprints runner, first started track and field in 2005 at 9 years old. Porter runs in the 60m, 100-meter, 200 and 400—with the 200 being his favorite.

“Growing up, running was always something my cousins and I did, and everybody wanted to see who was the fastest,” Porter said. “I had too much energy, so my mom took me to the summer youth team and that’s how I got started.”

Porter was born and raised Pine Bluff, Arkansas and moved to Fort Worth before beginning high school.

Porter played both football and track and field in high school, but grew to love running the most.

“I just like to run fast and it’s a great feeling,” Porter said. “I think it’s a feeling that everyone should feel at least once in their life. I just like going fast.”

During the summer after graduating high school, Porter competed in a track meet at Texas State where he met former head coach Dana Boone. Porter believed Boone would help him improve as a sprinter.

Porter’s achievements include being named a  2016 SBC Outdoor Championship Gold Medalist in the 400, 2016 SBC Outdoor Championship Gold Medalist in the 4-x-100 meter relay and 2016 NCAA Honorable Mention All-American in the 4-x-400 meter relay.

“I’m definitely looking forward to getting my team back to Oregon in June to the NCAA’s (tournament), not just in the relay, but the open as well, so I can add that to my resume,” Porter said.

Porter’s success does not come easy for him.

“I do a lot of stuff that people don’t see,” Porter said. “I come in early and leave really, really late. Even after our regular workouts that our coaches assign us, I do personal stuff that helps me too.”

Porter admits he is competitive.

“I’m trying to win every relay, every open and every race. As I got older, they said I was really competitive.”

Porter is a full-time student seeking a degree in applied sociology. What draws Porter to sociology is diversity the his opportunity to learn about the world.

Porter hopes he can continue running after graduating.

“Hopefully I go pro, that’s what I’m pushing for,” Porter said. “I feel like if I put everything in, then that should be the outcome. The main goal is to get my degree for sure, because that’s going to help me in the long run.”

Porter looks up to Usain Bolt and DeSean Jackson and hopes to be a professional athlete himself. Being a college athlete is an important step in his journey.

“Representing the school is the most rewarding part,” Porter said. “It means a lot to be a Bobcat. Where I came from, a lot of kids my age didn’t have that opportunity, so I’m really trying to take advantage of my opportunity.”

Porter is grateful for every hour he spends furthering his college track and field career.

“I like everything, it’s all a blessing,” Porter said. “Being a college athlete is hard but it’s not impossible. My family definitely supports me a lot.”