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City Council and fire fighters break ground on Fire Station #4


San Marcos Officials held a ground breaking ceremony Friday for a $6 million improvement and replacement facility of Fire Station #4 at 1404 Wonder World Drive.

The ceremony featured different city officials including Acting City Manager Steve Parker, Mayor John Thomaides and Fire Chief Les Stephens who came to celebrate the beginning of a new journey.

Members of the community expressed excitement of the new facility and believe the council is using the city’s money to improve economic infrastructure.

(The council) wants to make sure this is the building they are going to have for 40 or 50 years, and with that I would like to take the time to congratulate them on this,” Parker said. “We are very excited.”

Current station #4 has been opened since 1982 and responds to a quarter of the emergency calls made in San Marcos. The design process of the new station began mid 2015.

“This station will hold so much more. It will have three drive through apparatuses, house a fire engine, latter truck, brush truck and an ambulance,” Thomaides said. “It is approximately an 11 thousand square foot facility, housing 10 firefighters and a medical treatment room, for any visitor who walks in seeking medical assistance.”

Thomaides thanked the residents for contributing support toward the firefighters and EMS personnel.

Fire Chief Les Stephens explained the procedures for the new fire station was done by examining fire stations all over the state.

“(We were) not just looking for the ideas we wanted, but looking for the mistakes we did not want to recreate,” he said.

The station was designed and then redesigned multiple times until the facility was made perfect. According to Stephens, the facility “is built with an eye for the future,” and will provide the best technology firefighters have to offer.

Stephens recognized various individuals including the city manager for casting the vision, the San Marcos City Council for voting for the new facility, the fire department representatives from every rank and station who designed the facility, the City Contract Administrator and the rest of the community who made this station possible.

“I’m very excited to see this facility come to reality in the next 10-12 months,” Stephens said.

Members of the community, individuals of the Chamber of Commerce, individuals from the San Marcos Fire Department, as well as former Mayor Daniel Guerrero were in attendance of the ceremony.

The ceremony concluded with the San Marcos City Council members and Fire Chief Les Stephens picking up shovels and breaking the ground on Fire Station #4.