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Anne-Charlotte Mora: It runs in the family

A golf club beside a Top Flite golf ball.
Star File Photo.

Saying sophomore Anne-Charlotte Mora loves golf would be an understatement—the game has always been a part of her life.

Mora originally comes from Nantes, a city in western France. She is the eldest daughter of Franck and Hélène Mora and is the sister of 15-year-old Grégoire.

“My dad is a teacher for the PGA—that’s why I play golf,” Mora said.

Mora never looked up to a pro golfer who inspired her to pick up a club. Instead, she had her father.

“It’s super cool. He taught me how to golf,” Mora said.

For the Mora’s, golf is a family affair. Everyone in the family plays. The closeness and common love of golf made being away from her family a big adjustment, specifically being so far from her father.

“He taught me about golf all the time, so now it’s different not having him with me,” Mora said.

Mora also had to adjust to life in the United States.

“Here, everything is bigger. You need a car to go everywhere,” Mora said. “I lived in the center of the city, so I could walk anywhere. It’s just so different.”

One aspect of American culture that Mora easily adjusted to was the love of shopping.

“I like to go to the outlets. We don’t have such things like that in France,” Mora said. “I mean we do, but in America there’s so much more.”

Before coming to Texas State, Mora attended Lycee Jules Verne and competed in the Internationaux de France Under 21 tournament. She also played in the French International Ladies Amateur Stroke Play Championship in 2015.

Mora joined the Bobcat family in spring 2016 and decided to major in computer science. However, she’s not sure if she’ll ever work in that field.

“I want to be a golfer,” Mora said.

Athletes usually have competitive characteristics, and Mora is a prime example of this. In fact, being competitive is one of reasons she enjoys the game of golf so much.

“I really like the competition, and I like when I put everything I learned and practiced to use,” Mora said. “I just like to practice every day and take the coach’s advice.”

If all goes as planned, Mora hopes to take her game to the next level.

“The perfect thing would be to graduate, leave and immediately go pro,” Mora said. “It would be so cool.”

Beyond the competitive aspect of the game, Mora said she loves the comradery between fellow golfers.

“I like also that outside of the sport, you can meet people and you can play with other people,” Mora said. “We’re kind of a society. It’s a social thing.”

Mora is a determined, focused individual who hopes to make a future in the great sport of golf. The goal isn’t an easy one, but she isn’t worried about the challenges that come along with achieving it.