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Andrew Homann’s term as Student Body President is ending

Andrew Homann, student body president, poses for a photo March 27.
Andrew Homann, student body president, poses for a photo March 27.
Photo by: Abdul Qasem | Staff Photographer

With only one Student Government meeting left of the 2016-2017 school year, Student Body President Andrew Homann will finish his term with many accomplishments credited to his administration.

Homann took over the presidency in August of 2016 with plans to change students’ view of the organization.

“I ran because I saw a lack of leadership in Student Government,” Homann said. “I know this organization has a tremendous ability to make change on campus. I felt called to do this, and here I am.”

Homann credits vice president Samantha Martinez and chief of staff Connor Clegg for playing key roles in the leadership of his term as president, as well as all of the cabinet heads.

“Good leadership can definitely take Student Government to a whole new level and create programs with a lasting meaning on campus, and Samantha is the detail side of the process while Connor and I look at the big picture,” Homann said. “I wanted to make Student Government more relevant to students, and become a force on campus by providing needed services to the student body.”

Under Homann’s direction, the Texas State Supreme Court has been given the responsibility of reviewing parking appeals made by students whom feel they were wrongly given a ticket—a program by students, for students.

“This (program) definitely gives the student body more of a voice concerning a topic that is so controversial on campus,” Homann said. “This helps expand the relevancy of Student Government, and we have expanded our credibility on campus.”

Homann’s administration has implemented over 10 programs. A few new programs are the Adopt-a-Spot program and the Texas State Public Affairs Network.

TSPAN has helped Student Government to broadcast meetings, allowing students to tune-in from anywhere they are. Adopt-a-Spot is an environmental program allowing organizations to adopt an area on campus to take care of and keep clean.

“This program is just barely kicking off, but we intend for it to continue for several years,” Martinez said. “It’s something for organizations to interact with one another by keeping our campus beautiful.”

Bobcats United is considered to be one of the most successful programs started during the Homann administration.

“It allows (students) to have conversations about difficult topics that are going on,” Homann said. “We started the year off with a bang, hosting ‘Black and Blue Lives Meet’ which was a big issue, and the program allowed us to come together and understand each other’s differences. I think it is the most influential program we have, and I hope to see this program in 10 years.”

Homann-Martinez administration has more than doubled the last two year’s implementations combined.

“We’ve created beneficial programs for Texas State that people know about,” Homann said. “We’ve created a brand for Student Government, and put it a better place to keep the ball rolling in the future.”

As Clegg transitions into the presidential position, he plans to continue the initiatives Homann began and start his own diplomacies.

“Since I have worked on many of the initiatives Homann brought forth, I’m going to do whatever I can to continue them,” Clegg said. “We are going to keep making sure students voices are heard by empowering them to speak up.”

Since elected, Clegg has been working on sexual assault reforms and plans to improve lighting around campus.

Clegg believes being the chief of staff has prepared him to lead the student body. Homann has some words of advice for Clegg to take with him into his term as president.

“Each student depends on the president,” Homann said. “Have fun, but take the job seriously. Understand the needs of the students, and tend to the issues that really matter.”

Within the last few weeks of his term, Homann and his team will be working on getting a new Victory Star installed on Strahan Coliseum that would light up for athletic victories, graduation and other ceremonial events.

Student Government is looking into building mutually beneficial relationships with the Energy Industry that would provide better jobs to Bobcats post-graduation.

“I think it is important to end my term with better opportunities in place for students when they graduate,” Homann said. “In the beginning (of the term), the unknown and the responsibility is definitely intimidating, as well as knowing you’re going to be the president of 40,000 students. It’s something you grow into and it has made me a better person.”

Homann plans to stay involved with the organization by becoming a special advisor to Clegg, and hopes to be appointed as the student regent.