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Student Government election results are in: Clegg-Duncan wins


Connor Clegg and Colton Duncan will be the next student body president and vice president for the 2017-18 school year.

As president and vice president of Student Government, Clegg and Duncan will be responsible for representing the student body concerning campus issues.

“I want to start off by saying that the Boyd-Shelvin team ran one heck of a campaign,” Clegg said. “I think we have a very bright future ahead of us.”

The Clegg-Duncan executive alliance emphasizes campus safety will be one of its top priorities. The two have already begun taking measures of working with Not On My Campus to combat sexual violence at Texas State.

“I look forward to chairing the senate and working with the senators to represent our students,” Duncan said. “We will be working to bring bobcats together.”

Among the other campaign promises, conservation of the San Marcos River is another priority to will focus on throughout the term. Clegg and Duncan plan to work with the geography organization council to preserve the river.

Clegg and Duncan will take the place of the Homann-Martinez executive alliance.

“Clegg and Duncan are more than qualified to take these positions,” Homann said. “I have worked with them for the past year, and I am very excited for this next year.”


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