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San Marcos stars in Tiramisu for Two

Texas-based EVO Entertainment Group has paired with filmmakers to shoot a film in Rome, Italy and San Marcos.
Photo by: Brandon Valencia | Staff Photographer

The City of San Marcos starred in the first Texan Italian cult film, “Tiramisu for Two”.

“Tiramisu for Two” follows the story of Giorgio (Bobby Olson), an Italian man on a quest to find the woman he loves, a Central Texan named Hope (Melody Chase), who he met in Italy 30 years ago.

On his journey to find his long lost love, he comes across a few bumps on the road and is taken on the wildest ride of his life.

The film is a San Marcos story directed and produced specifically for the local audience.

Vanessa Hernandez, music junior, said she was drawn to “Tiramisu for Two” because it was filmed in San Marcos.

“If it was filmed somewhere else I probably would not be as intrigued by it as I am,” Hernandez said. “After seeing the trailer, I was left with so many questions which has me even more curious to know what happens.”

Romina Olson, producer, said San Marcos was a crucial part of the film as a whole.

“The city is a character in the movie,” Olson said. “Not only is it filmed in San Marcos, but also mentioned and talked about by the actors.”

Sergio Carvajal-Leoni, director, said the film was created to be true to a region.

“San Marcos is a very unique little city it is very alive there is no place like it,” said Carvajal-Leoni. “This film is like a tribute to this city.”

The film further exemplifies some of San Marcos characteristics by having some locals play a part in the film.

“One of the executive producers who is an active member of the San Marcos community had a role in the film,” Olson said.

Two San Marcos police officers also took part in the film.

“The officers did a very good job,” Olson said. “They were spontaneous, natural and looked great on camera.”

An idea for one of the characters in the movie was born from and named after Valentino’s Pizza which is located in the heart of downtown San Marcos.

“Tiramisu for Two” is partly filmed in Rome, Italy as well.

Olson said in films Italians have a stereotype of either being ruthless gangsters or ‘happy-go-lucky’ pizzeria chiefs and this film strayed away from that.

“We do joke around a little with that stereotype through Valentino’s character but the film is not centered on that,” Olson said.

“Italians are like kids, very imaginative, fun and lively,” Carvajal-Leoni said. “We wanted to make a film that celebrates that.”

Carvajal-Leoni said the film has a lot of heart to it.

“I want the audience to know that this film is about telling a story that allows people to connect with each other and their city,” Carvajal-Leoni said. “That is the real call of this film.”

Olson said the “Tiramisu for Two” took a unique production route.

The distribution was built on a collaboration between “Tiramisu for Two” filmmakers and Evo Entertainment Group and was showcased Feb. 6-12 at The Spot.

“What we are doing is no way following a traditional route we have been working in films for more than ten years and I have never seen something like this,” Olson said. “In a way we are beginning to break a wall.”