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Pippa Carr: Achieving one goal at a time


Because all good things must come to an end, Pippa Carr, senior tennis player, is making the most of her last year by setting goals and achieving them one at a time.

Coming from Liverpool, England was not an easy adjustment for Carr. From the climate, eating out and leaving her family behind, Carr proved if she put her mind to it, she could tackle anything.

“I thought America and England would be the same, but they are completely different,” Carr said. “It was hard at first, but now I am used to it.”

Now that Carr is in her final season of playing for the Texas State tennis team, she has big goals set for not only herself, but for the team.

Because she is one of  two seniors on the team, she took the initiative to be a leader and set the tone for the season. So far, the team is undefeated 2-0 in the season.

Carr plays singles and doubles, with an overall singles record of nine victories and six losses.

“Hopefully if I keep (carrying) on like I am, I will become an all-conference player,” Carr said.

Being the best is not as easy as it looks. Carr finds it quite tiring, but knows in order to be the best, she has to put in overtime. Carr attends fitness classes outside of tennis practice.

“I like to go to the rec center to do extra fitness in the group classes,” Carr said. “That has really helped me out. I want to have a winning record.”

Winning the Sun Belt Conference title would be a major achievement for Carr and the team, and Carr does not doubt this is the team that could bring the title back to Texas State due to their work effort and bond.

“I think this is probably our best chance at winning conference,” Carr said. “The team is the strongest I have seen since I have been here.”

Being a student athlete, Carr knows how to balance school and tennis. Outside of the court, she has set and achieved goals in her personal life as well.

Carr will graduate from Texas State University in May with a degree in health information management.

“I wanted to be a doctor, but I did not like biology,” Carr said.  “Then someone told me about this major, how it’s up-and-coming and how you could earn lots of money.”

After graduation, she plans to continue school and receive a law degree specializing in health. She would love to pursue her education in Houston.

“I really want to go to Houston; they are number six in the nation,” Carr said.

Although Carr’s home is far away, she has no intentions of going back. Carr plans to move to Lubbock after law school and start a family with her fiancé.