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NOMC president speaks at Student Government

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Not On My Campus President Brooklyn Boreing spoke at the Feb. 27 Student Government meeting to make students aware of the fairly new association.

Over the last few months, the NOMC organization has worked closely with Student Government and hopes the relationship will remain. They are dedicated to ending the silence surrounding sexual violence on campus, and have started a NOMC week ending March 3.

NOMC representatives can be found in the Quad and throughout campus this week where students can sign a pledge to ending sexual violence, or take a picture of their hand with “Not On My Campus” written on it to contribute to the social media movement.

A resolution to call for a $50 littering fine after the second offence was supposed to be voted on, but was removed from the agenda during the approval of minutes’ portion of the meeting.

Additionally, an affirmation of Student Government’s dedication to protecting the first amendment was supposed to be voted on, but was reintroduced to the agenda as a resolution. It will be voted on March 6, as well as a resolution to create economic relationships at Texas State between alumni, undergraduate and graduate students. The relationships will be built through a commitment of investing a portion of the university’s endowment fund within the energy sector.

If passed, this resolution is said to strengthen the fiscal system of the university and allow students more job opportunities post-graduation.