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“Exxon Tacos” – San Marcos Hidden Gem

Bobcat Quickie tacos have become a late-night staple for Texas State students.
Bobcat Quickie tacos have become a late-night staple for Texas State students.
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Bobcat Quickie, local gas station, has become some students’ favorite spot for satisfying late night cravings with “Exxon Tacos.”

The 24-hour taco shop located in an Exxon gas station on Guadalupe Street has gained fame due to its exclusiveness and proximity to campus. However, what sets these tacos apart from the rest?

Feras Abuhweij, manager of Bobcat Quickie, said the owners took a completely different approach when starting up the gas station.

“At first, we started selling burgers and sub sandwiches and we actually had a chef that worked inside, but she moved away,” Abuhweij said. “So, we were kind of scrambling to find someone new and that’s when we hired our current chef Niko.”

The small taco shop has been serving locals for five years. Abuhweij said the high quality service and fresh ingredients has set the establishment apart from other taco vendors in town.

“We are starting with vegetables and we are cooking it down to a sauce,” Abuhweij said. “We are doing things our way and our own style and I think that’s the reason people like it so much.”

Abuhweij said a majority of customers and college students visit Bobcat Quickie to get a late night taco fix.

“We honestly get a really big late night rush,” Abuhweij said. “Around 2 a.m. is probably when we get the most people.”

Savannah Aguilera, fashion merchandising junior, said Bobcat Quickie’s looks can be deceiving.

“Exxon tacos are different in the way they don’t taste like plastic and their tortillas are always

well cooked,” Aguilera said. “It’s like you’re eating tacos from an actual restaurant instead of a convenience store.”

Abuhweij said the taco shop being located in a gas station can prevent people from trying the food.

“The fact that we are in a gas station kind of gives us a bad rep,” Abuhweij said. “However, once they try us they are back the next day.”

Elise Pfister, health and fitness management senior, said she likes the price and the quality of Bobcat Quickie’s tacos.

“I went three years ago when I lived in my dorm, and I liked that it was such a hole in the wall,” Pfister said. “Also, for the price I remember getting a pretty big taco.”

Customers can get a meal for $2 to $8, not including extra toppings.

Bobcat Quickie sells quesadillas, tortas, gorditas and tacos for breakfast or lunch. The menu has different prices for tacos with up to five toppings.

“Although there is usually a long line to wait for the tacos, they are always worth it in the end,” Pfister said. “I think it would be really cool if they expanded outside of the convenience store.”

Abuhweij said management has been looking into different trailers near Aquarena Springs to expand Bobcat Quickie.

“That is still kind of in the works, but as of right now we are happy where we are,” Abuhweij said. “It doesn’t mean we (won’t) expand in the near future.”