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Bill to ban safe spaces does not pass

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A proposed bill that called to prohibit safe spaces on campus was put to rest by senators after many students expressed concerns at the Student Government meeting Monday, Feb. 6.

Last week, a piece of legislation was introduced by Senator Mason Mckie to ban safe spaces on campus, and was further discussed in the senate meeting held yesterday evening. Over 40 students showed up to voice opinions. Concerns stemmed around the vagueness of the proposition as well as denying access to freely express oneself.

“We need safe spaces to be ourselves,” said a concerned LGBTQ student.

Mckie agreed that the definition of the proposed bill was vague because safe spaces held different meanings for people, but emphasized that safe spaces restrict intellectual diversity.

Student Government Presidential Candidate Russell Boyd read a letter from a graduate student who could not attend the meeting.

“As representatives of the student body, it is imperative that the student government take into account the many students that will be greatly impacted by the detrimental piece of legislation,” the letter read. “We must remember the core values of our university and live up to the true meaning of their creed.”

An in-block amendment was proposed by Senator and Vice Presidential Candidate Colton Duncan, but was denied by a roll call vote. The amendment differed from the original proposal by defining terms, organizing the information clearly and going in-depth on the matter.

“Than ban should not prohibit students from gathering and sharing ideas,” Duncan said.

Other senators that spoke out denied the amendment because it seemed to offer a new proposition, not an amendment of the original proposition.

After roughly twenty minutes of debate and discussion, the proposed ban lost in a 30:1 vote.