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Baseball takes a loss in Oklahoma

Connor Reich, sophomore pitcher, pitches Feb. 17 during the home opener against Purdue University.
Photo by: Lara Dietrich Multimedia Editor

After coming out of a 0-4 home loss against Baylor Wednesday night, the Texas State baseball team fell short 7-10 against Oklahoma State Friday afternoon.

The Bobcats are away in Stillwater, Oklahoma, this weekend to compete in a three-game series against the Cowboys.

The Cowboys scored most of their runs in the first few innings. They scored one run in the second inning and a total of seven runs in the third inning.

However, Texas State came back in the fourth inning—scoring one run—and in the fifth inning the team scored four runs. The Bobcats were only down by two by throughout the rest of the game.

The Bobcats came back in the top of the eighth inning, though, scoring two runs—putting them down only by one run.

The Cowboys however, scored two runs also in the eighth inning and kept their 10-7 lead until the end of the game.

Texas State was at bat a total of 37 times. They also had seven runs and 10 hits. However, there were no home runs scored in this game.

Compared to the Bobcats, the Cowboys were at bat 35 times. They had a total of 10 runs and 10 hits like the Bobcats.

While the Bobcats had a total of seven runs batted in, the Cowboys had a total of 10.

Both Texas State and Oklahoma State made two different pitching changes throughout the game.

Senior Redshirt right-handed pitcher Brandon Courville pitched most of the innings for the Bobcats, 5.0. Courville had three hits, two runs and two earned runs along with six strikeouts.

Texas State will continue the three-game series with another game Saturday at 3 p.m. in the Allie P. Reynolds Stadium.