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Bailey and Brooke Holle: Dynamic duo of differences

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Ask any athlete, and they’ll say there is nothing better than playing the sport they love. However, for two Texas State athletes, the one thing that makes any game better is being able to play beside their best friend.

Bailey Holle and Brooke Holle, freshman guards, have shared the court for as long as they can remember.

Although people recognize the duo as twins playing the same sport, the players have distinct differences.

“I think the biggest challenge is getting compared to each other,” Bailey Holle said. “We don’t like to be compared to each other because we think that we’re good at different things.”

The Holle sisters have always played the same sports growing up, like volleyball, soccer, track and basketball.

However, it was during their freshman year of high school when they realized basketball was their favorite.

When the opportunity came along to continue their basketball careers beyond high school, the Holles decided to take it.

“We thought it would be weird if we went to different schools because we always just grew up playing together,” Brooke Holle said. “Just being a twin is such a big part of us that if we went to different schools no one would ever know that we were a twin.”

Although college basketball was a whole new level for the sisters, playing side by side was nothing unfamiliar.

“For me, playing in college with Brooke isn’t that different because I’ve done it my whole life,” Bailey Holle said. “From other people’s perspective, it’s cool because that’s someone who knows you really well and knows what you do and your tendencies. It’s fun to be on the court at the same time as her.”

Not only are the Holles the only twins on the team, they are the only freshmen.

“Playing college basketball together has definitely made the transition a lot easier,” Brooke Holle said. “Us being the only freshmen, no one really relates to that on the team because they’ve either been here a year or they’re older. Having my twin, it just makes it easier knowing that someone is going through the exact same thing.”

While playing different positions allows them each to stand out in their own way, they enjoy different aspects of each other’s game as well.

“I like when Brooke makes super athletic plays that people don’t expect her to make,” Bailey Holle said. “She’ll run out and dive for the ball or something and I just like watching her make those plays.”

Likewise, Brooke Holle also cheers on her sister.

“I like to watch Bailey on defense,” Brooke Holle said. “She has a really good feel for defense and has a great instinct. She always knows when to apply pressure and she’s just great on defense.”

For the Holles, having a twin on the court at the same time benefits not only their individual game, but it serves the team as a whole.

“I feel like we have a good connection on the court,” Brooke Holle said. “We know that if she gets a steal, I’ll be able to run and she can pass it to me. If I sprint ahead and she’s coming down the court, then I know she’ll look for me. Stuff like that.”

Although running up one’s stats is always a goal for many athletes, being selfless and focusing on the overall team are what the Holle sisters like to do best.

“I hope to make the basketball program better,” Bailey Holle said. “I want to do well in school and earn good grades, but I also want people to be like ‘oh it looks like it would be fun to go and play basketball at Texas State.’ Having good energy on the court is one way to do that.”

While basketball takes up most of their time, the Holles enjoy spending time outside of the court with each other.

“We hang out a lot because we have a lot of the same friends too,” Bailey Holle said. “We swim at the river or go to a movie with friends. Brooke and I are always together.”

Being together so often, the Holles share some of the same qualities.

“In common, we are both pretty outgoing,” Brooke Holle said. “We both like to meet new people and hang out with friends. We both have the same sense of humor and like to joke around.”

Along with a shared like of various hobbies, the Holles are both very focused on school and working hard to get their degrees.

Another difference between the sisters comes from the majors they each chose—Bailey is a business major while Brooke is majoring in exercise and sports science.

They both strive for different career paths, but ultimately have the same passion.

Throughout their time here at Texas State, the Holles hope for the best for each other and want to encourage each other every single day.

When asked what advice they would give to each other, their answers were similar.

“One piece of advice I would give Brooke is to stay positive,” Bailey Holle said. “Obviously basketball gets hard and life is hard, but just staying positive and not getting too negative over aspects you can’t control.”

Positivity is clearly what motivates the Holle twins to be the best athletes and people they can be.

“One piece of advice I would give to Bailey is that whatever is going on to just find the positives in it,” Brooke Holle said. “Sometimes with basketball and school, it seems like we’re so busy and it’s so hard. But just remember to find the positives in whatever you’re doing.”

1919No matter which path life takes them beyond being college teammates, Bailey and Brooke Holle will always be sisters, twins and most importantly, best friends.