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Russell Boyd is back in the race for student body president

Russell Boyd stands in front of the student Supreme Court to appeal his disqualification.
Photo by: Bri Watkins | News Editor

After presidential candidate Russell Boyd was disqualified for early campaigning in the Student Government elections, the student Supreme Court overturned the decision with the condition of suspending his campaign spending money by half Wednesday, Feb. 1.

His opponent, Connor Clegg, filed a complaint on Jan. 27 that Boyd was soliciting support in September of 2016, before the official campaign period had begun, which violates the election code. Through provided evidence, Boyd was disqualified by the Election Board for tweeting out “I would be a great university president. My school would thrive,” and retweeting “Russ for president” and “Russ for president you got my vote.”

Boyd said the context of the tweets were referencing President Denise Trauth’s position, and there was no intent to solicit votes. Clegg pointed out that one doesn’t run for a position as university president, and the retweet that stated “Russ for president you got my vote,” was seen by his followers which “had an effect” of soliciting support.

“If the tweet could have been interpreted by any of those 1500 followers, plus, to have meant student body president as opposed to Dr. Trauth’s office, then the tweet itself had the effect of campaigning,” Clegg said. “Regardless of intention, it had the effect.”

After his appealing to the student Supreme Court, the court ruled in favor against disqualification. However, they classified one of Boyd’s retweets as a Class A violation, and voted to suspend half his campaign spending money.


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