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Microblading—The latest eyebrow trend

Sapna Neupane, manager of San Marcos Threading ‘n’ Spa, applies eyebrow gel Jan. 20 to Hanna Legge, political science sophomore, after having her brows threaded.
Sapna Neupane, manager of San Marcos Threading ‘n’ Spa, applies eyebrow gel Jan. 20 to Hanna Legge, political science sophomore, after having her brows threaded.
Photo by: Lara Dietrich Multimedia Editor

 The phrase “eyebrows on fleek” took on a different meaning in  2016. Microblading has allowed makeup enthusiasts to turn it up a notch by temporarily tattooing hair-like strands on eyebrows to give users a more realistic filled-in look. The procedure can last up to three hours and is a semi-permanent tattoo procedure, according to Buzzfeed.

Izabella Peralez, English freshman, said she thinks microblading is popular because of its natural result.

“Considering all the makeup hype, people are looking for a natural and efficient method for nice eyebrows and ones that are done nicely,” said Peralez.

Channing Jackson, owner of Wildflower Beauty Lounge in Austin, said social media played a huge part of this trend’s popularity.

“Places like Canada and Asia have been doing this procedure for about 10-15 years, and I think now more than ever the media has helped, especially in the (U.S.), to show what microblading has to offer,” Jackson said.

Jackson said she is booked for a month ahead of time and has microblading consultations and appointments daily.

“I get a lot of clients who were teenagers in the ‘90s where eyebrows were a lot thinner and they have trouble growing them back,” Jackson said. “Now-a-days the trend is to have fuller and thicker eyebrows thanks to model Cara Delavigne and the Kardashians.”

Prices on the procedure can vary depending on the artists and salons.

Wildflower Beauty Lounge offers microblading for about $750 a person.

Catalina Galvan, University of Texas – San Antonio student, said her  procedure was done last month in San Antonio.

“Microblading is pretty pricey. Mine came out to $200, but there was a promotion that day,” Galvan said. “I know a friend who paid $500 for her eyebrows.” Jackson said the price of  a microblading procedure depends on the amount of time and precision.

“Microblading is done with a tool and that is why the cost could range from $500-$1,500: because it takes a lot time and focus,” Jackson said. “My appointments usually last about two hours.”

Microblading and tattooed eyebrows are completely different, according to Jackson.

“Tattooed cosmetics are permanent and are used with a machine,” Jackson said. “Microblading is semi-permanent and must be touched up frequently depending on your lifestyle.”

Although there are beauty benefits to this trend, Galvan said the procedure does cause pain.

“The worst part was the initial cut with the micro-blade. Just think: they’re literally cutting little lines in your skin to be filled with pigment,” said Galvan.

Galvan said the expenses and pain that come along with microblading are worth it to achieve a natural eyebrow look.

“I’m not going to lie and say it wasn’t painful, but I kept on telling myself that it would be worth it in the end,” Galvan said. “Although it was expensive, I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”

Jackson cautioned people thinking about getting a microblading procedure done.

“You could be left with scaring if the place you go to says they will last more than a couple years,” Jackson said. “I get a lot of people who say they have gotten scars from the places they went to, so it is important to look into those things.”