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Local radio station continues battle for license


After a setback in transferring the license for 104.1FM KZSM from the Federal Communications Commission , San Marcos Texas Community Radio Association prepares to take its case to Washington D.C.

“We have been working with the city, legislatives, congressmen, and senators and trying to work with the FCC in order to get our license,” said Rob Roark, first vice chairman of SMTXCRA. “We have an appeal in with them right now and we are pursuing going to Washington D.C. to get the document returned to us.”

Originally, San Marcos Voice agreed to a partnership with the SMTXCRA Chairman Dave Newman. Later, San Marcos Voice felt it did not want to be part of the radio station operation, but rather transfer the license to a non-profit focused solely on operation and broadcast, SMTXCRA. Board members of San Marcos Voice signed a letter to relinquish the license to SMTXCRA, pending FCC approval.

“The FCC told us that the license cannot be transferred until after three years of operation,” Roark said. “We have been trying to get them to make a special case for this situation, but we are pursuing Washington D.C. in hopes that we can get a signed document to turn the license over to us.”

In the meantime, KZSM launched its live streaming station with the help of its many volunteers. Not only do the volunteers help keep the stream up and running, they also have their own segments few times per week lasting an hour. Some of the segments include Back to the Movies, The Mystery Train, The Localist, and Tina Gonzales’ segments 5 O’Clock Friday and Morning Glory.

“5 O’Clock Friday is for anyone driving home who enjoys a variety of styles from Blues to Rap to Country and Rock, and Morning Glory is mostly a gospel segment on Sunday mornings created to inspire people and make them want to do good,” Gonzales said. “It has always been a dream of mine to get into the music business, and KZSM is my dream come true.”

According to Roark, KZSM is not only trying to enlighten, engage, and entertain the community, but also promote a variety of music, as well as many local artists, musicians, businesses and events as they can. On Sunday nights, the Revolving Door segment has been and will be promoting bands from the C12: Dream Fest event taking place from 1-11 p.m. Jan. 16.

“The event will be featuring talented local musicians and artists, along with fundraising money for the San Marcos River Foundation,” said Michael Howard, event coordinator for Chapter 12 Records. “Rob and KZSM have been so helpful in promoting our event and the local bands. They have been really great about getting the word out.”

In the coming weeks, KZSM will continue to fight for its license and provide original content for the public live at kzsm.org, as well as fundraise Jan. 26 at the Dahlia Woods Gallery.

“The response from the community has been very positive, and the six-plus fundraisers we have held help KZSM and the local artists exposure tremendously,” Roark said. “We have all the equipment needed to be on the radio. Once the license is turned over to us, we can flip the switch for 104.1 KZSM, and San Marcos can finally have its own live and on the air station.”