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Gearing up for Student Government election

The help desk Jan. 22 on the fourth floor of LBJ.
Photo by: Jennifer Chacon | Staff Photographer

Texas State Student Government is in the midst of preparing for elections for the 2017-2018 academic school year. Filing began Dec. 12 and ended Jan. 20.

Student Government is the primary organization of the university that ensures students’ voices are heard by the faculty and staff of the school.

“We sit on the various university committees and we represent the student body,” said Andrew Homann, student body president. “Our job is to not only represent the students, but to create programs and initiatives that we deem useful for the Texas State campus. We also offer travel grants and scholarships for the students to apply for.”

Last semester, Student Government launched initiatives such as the Bobcats United series and the Adopt-A-Spot program to unite the community and administration and to create a sense of pride for the campus.

“Bobcats United is designed to create respectful dialogue off of hot topic issues that are happening around the world,” Homann said. “Adopt-A-Spot is a program where organizations sign up to Adopt-A-Spot on campus to keep clean and make sure Texas State’s environment is respected.”

Applications opened for Student Government Dec. 12. The positions up for election include student body president, vice president and senator.

“I oversee the supreme court, the judicial advocates office and the election board,” said John Garcia, supreme court chief justice. “I make sure everyone is trained properly and the president, vice president and senators know how to do their jobs.”

The most challenging position to fill is the student body president. This position entails serving on 13 committees to make sure students are accurately represented throughout campus and pushing for the students’ agenda.

“Listening to the everyday needs of the students is very important,” Homann said. “I believed this organization had a lot of potential and that it needed a strong leader coming out of last year. I decided to run because I felt I was the right person for the job. My advice to the new president: follow the will of the students, and make sure you are staying true to the student agenda.”

Student Government plays a big role in the student body by allowing students to have the power to change what they do not like about campus and to guarantee a beneficial college experience.

“This organization has changed the name of Texas State from Southwest Texas State University,” said Adrian Cooper, election board chair. “Student Government has a big influence on University Policy. It’s a great way to get involved.”

This article has been updated to the version run in the paper that does not include an outdated count of candidates.