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Fine arts welcomes the season with comedy and tragedy

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The Department of Theatre and Dance and the School of Music are jam packed this season as they spotlight both tragedies and comedies in showstopper productions.


“Lyon’s Den,” a play by masters of fine arts program first production held this spring. It will take place Feb. 2-5 in the Patti Strickel Harrison Theatre.

Deb Alley, chair of the masters of fine arts program, said “Lyon’s Den” revolves around a family who is struggling to deal with tragedy.

“TJ is an extraordinarily talented playwright who I really think captures something universal in the human experience,” said Alley.

A total of five productions will be held this Spring including a musical starring the popular character, Snoopy that will take place Feb. 14-19 in the Patti Strickel Harrison Theatre.

‘“The World According to Snoopy’ is a spin-off of your good man Charlie Brown which a lot of people know and it’s just going to be fun,” said Alley. “It has some life lessons in it but mostly it’s just going to be a really fun evening at the theatre.”

Aside from the work that goes into each production, Alley said the theatre department also puts a lot of thought into selecting a variety of plays.

“Intimate Apparel,” a play by Lynn Nottage will revolved around successful black seamstress who finds her soulmate in a white Jewish merchant.

“The play is not only this interesting sort of love story,” Alley said. “It talks about how the color of your skin made difference and still makes a difference in what you’re allowed to do in life and unfortunately that’s a political statement that is still way too relevant in our country right now.”


The student-run Orchesis Dance Company will have a performance featuring a variety of dance styles including Latin, jazz, and hip-hop

Students receiving their bachelor of fine arts will have the opportunity to showcase their work April 6-7 in Evans Auditorium.

The Transient Dance Collective’s annual performance will be held in Jowers Center Studio B178 on April 13.

Alexandra Burkhart, dance senior and assistant associate director of the Orchesis Dance Company, said the audience will be able to find the dance style relatable.

“All of our dances have a message and we want the audience to feel something and if we can do that for somebody in the audience then we’re really doing what we love for a good reason,” Burkhart said.


Bobcats can look forward to Salsa nights and student productions this Spring.

Orquesta del Rio and Salsa del Rio and will be held on the square at Stonewall Warehouse Feb. 17 and April 21.

The Latin music studies department will also hold the Salsa Tribute Concert on Mar. 31st at San Marcos High School Auditorium.

, will be one of the students performing in the Texas State Symphonic Winds ensemble.

“There are so many things that you can learn when you go to art performances like that,” Stringham said. “I think if people just stopped thinking that it was so boring to go to an orchestra concert that they could really get something out of it. It’s really cool.”