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Best and Worst Fashion Trends of 2016

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Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, once said “You either know fashion or you don’t.”

As 2016 comes to end and we welcome a new year, let’s take a look back at last year’s fashion hits and misses, according to Texas State students.


  1. Knee-high boots

Knee-high boots or over the knee boots first made their appearance in fall 2014, according to popsugar.com.

Unlike riding boots, these boots go over the knee giving fashionistas an elongated look. This boot trend was seen in suede, leather and a lace-up style.

Desiree Garza, fashion merchandising freshman, said knee-high boots look great with T-shirt dresses.

“I bought so many in different colors, and I even got some gorgeous maroon ones to represent Texas State,” Desiree Garza said.

  1. Chokers

A ‘90s favorite, these tight-fitted necklaces, made a comeback.

From velvet, plastic, leather, and metal these necklaces had a variety to them.

According to a Buzzfeed video, Lyst’s, online store, choker sales rose by 230 percent in 2016.

Deandra Garza, wildlife biology freshman, said she enjoys matching her chokers with different hairstyles when in a rush.

“I think chokers add such a cute touch to any outfit, especially when you’re in a rush and throw your hair into a bun,” Deandra Garza said.

Allison Palacios, nursing sophomore, said she predicts chokers decreasing in popularity in 2017.

“I think people should leave chokers in 2016,” said Palacios. “I think chokers aren’t going to be as big as they were last year because everyone uses them now.”

  1. Band tees and body suits

Body suits, a one-piece garment, peaked in trends this year as it replaced the inconvenience of regular shirts rising up or becoming untucked.

Desiree Garza said she looks to the Kardashian family for fashion, hence where her love for body suits came from.

“Body suits ended up being my favorite trend this year there are so many different body suits to choose from it was overwhelming,” Desiree Garza said.


  1. Flower crowns

This summer ‘70s style was in full swing, but some of the trends flopped rather than floated.

N’Deye Ndiaye, international relations junior, said people should leave flower crowns in 2016.

“The flower crown or head pieces should be left behind aside from the Snapchat filter no more head bands,” Nidaye said. “It’s played out, over done and no longer stylish.”

  1. Ultra-low rise jeans

 While ‘90s style trends had its appearances last year, Texas State students deemed ultra-low rise jeans as the worst fashion trend of 2016.

Desiree Garza said she hopes people will upgrade to high-waisted jeans this year.

“The trend that needs to stay out of 2017 are the ultra-low-waist jeans. It’s so disturbing to see butt cracks,” Desiree Garza said.

  1. Gladiator sandals

 Over-the-knee-shoes were a must this year but some styles didn’t make the cut amongst students.

These embroidered lace-up over the knee sandals were given the boot for the 2017 year.

Desiree Garza said she wasn’t a fan of the knee high gladiator sandal trend.

“I could go on and on but I am no fashion police,” Desiree Garza said. “Please leave the ones listed in 2016 and close that chapter.”