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“Srat” clothes most popular among students

Alyssa Gardner, interdisciplinary studies freshman, and Hannah Johnson, exercise and sports science freshman, pose for a photo Dec. 6 wearing what is known as the SRAT uniform. Gardner and Johnson wore this to be comfortable on the chilly day in the Quad.
Photo by: Jamie Dorsey | Staff Photographer

The “srat” outfit is a clothing trend of oversized t-shirts and athletic shorts or leggings.

The “srat” nickname was pegged as a combination of the words sorority and fraternity as this is where the clothing trend seems to be most popular. However, it can be seen worn across college campuses.

Megan Williamson, accounting sophomore and member of the Delta Gamma sorority, believes the style is popular among most college students, whether they are in a sorority or not.

Williamson also finds “srat” attire to be the most reasonable clothing for both campus and class.

“I wear it because it makes me more comfortable and that makes it easier to go throughout my day,” said Williamson. “It also makes it easier to get ready in the morning because it doesn’t take much planning.”

While the trend seems to be popular on college campuses, some students recognized the trend earlier.

Korley Roesler, physics junior and member of the Delta Gamma sorority, noticed “srat” attire becoming popular while she was still in high school.

“It was a trend before I even came to college,” said Roesler. “I noticed some high school girls would wear ‘srat’ attire, but I personally didn’t start wearing it until my sophomore year in college. That’s when it set in.”

While the trend seems to be loved by most female students, others find it to be less appealing.

The outfit is comfortable, but it certainly isn’t the style college students should take to their office jobs post-graduation.

Kaitlyn Leonard, exercise and sports science junior, believes the trend looks lazy.

“I think it’s incredibly important for students to understand how to dress professionally before they graduate,” said Leonard. “You don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed.”

While oversized t-shirts and athletic shorts usually indicate some type of physical activity, college students tend to dress it up for the perfect blend of both cute and comfortable.

However, the style—usually worn with a full face of makeup and statement earrings—can be confusing.

Leonard explained her first day of class on a college campus as confusing.

“I wore jeans, a loose blouse and nice sandals,” Leonard said. “When I got on the bus the first day of school I knew I didn’t fit in at all.”

There is not a wide range of accessories to the “srat” trend.

In terms of shoes, most students wear Converse, specifically white Converse, or Jesus sandals, more commonly known as “jandals.”

For accessories, most girls wear statement pieces, such as Kendra Scott earrings or colorful neon fanny packs.

In the winter, it is not uncommon to see some girls with a fleece vest over their oversized shirt or an oversized flannel, according to The Odyssey.


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