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Urban Bricks Pizza will be the latest addition to San Marcos’ booming downtown

Dylan Neiman, Texas State alumnus, poses for a photo Dec. 7 at what will soon be the location of Urban Bricks Pizza. Neiman is planning to have the franchise ready in January.
Photo by: Lara Dietrich Multimedia Editor

The San Antonio based pizza chain, Urban Bricks Pizza, will be a new addition to San Marcos in mid-December or early next year. Dylan Neiman, owner of the San Marcos location and Texas State alumnus, promises this pizza shop will be unique.

“It’s a build-your-own, Neapolitan-style pizza. One size, one price and unlimited toppings made with high quality products and Neapolitan flour (which is) oven-sourced straight from Italy,” Neiman said.

The San Marcos location will be an addition to the six Urban Bricks Pizza locations scattered throughout Texas. Neiman said that he lives close to the original store in San Antonio and fell in love with the concept and style of the restaurant, which motivated him to bring the pizza place to San Marcos.

The downtown area of San Marcos is full of locally owned and operated businesses, and new businesses continue to pour in. Samantha Armbruster, Main Street Program manager, said that Urban Bricks Pizza is one of 25 businesses to open downtown this year, and 11 of those are food related. She estimates that in the same Main Street boundaries, there are only five vacant spots.

“We have had a lot of long standing businesses downtown and I think what makes them successful is their customer service; the authenticity of not only their products, but also them as business owners and the connection that they have with their customers,” Armbruster said.

Neiman said the pizza place will give great service, with speed. The average time for ordering and receiving a pizza is about five minutes. The pizza chain’s philosophy is “making a better world, one slice at a time,” by supporting local communities and developing purpose and development through its organization.

Kateri Rose, barista at Jo on the Go, said the key to a successful business is connecting with people. The San Marcos based coffee shop has been in business for more than 15 years. Rose said that customers want businesses to know their names, ask about their kids and become a part of their lives.

“I think that a lot of our residents are loyal to the downtown businesses because they know who they are supporting, and they want to support those people behind those businesses. They feel a sense of ownership even just being a customer there and feeling that they are valued,” Armbruster said.

Rose said that pizza and sandwich shops seem to rule San Marcos, but she’s looking for something unique.

“I’m always looking for food that’s not just your basics,” said Rose. “If they can offer something that where when I hear about it, I think, ‘that sounds intriguing, I never thought about putting those flavors together,’ I would definitely check (Urban Bricks Pizza) out.”

The Urban Bricks Pizza website states that its personality speaks for itself. The chain likes to show itself off as an edgy, outgoing and progressive pizza place.

This article was updated Jan. 6 at 2:23 p.m. to say the flour is from Italy, not the Middle East, after the owner contacted us saying he gave the wrong origin of the flour in the original interview. 

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