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Sights & Sounds: A San Marcos Tradition

A decorated bridge leads to the other side of the festival. Sights & Sounds was full of carnival rides and food, as well as many Christmas lights.
A decorated bridge leads to the other side of the festival. Sights & Sounds was full of carnival rides and food, as well as many Christmas lights.
Photo by: Lara Dietrich Multimedia Editor

This year was the 30th anniversary of the annual San Marcos winter festival, Sights and Sounds of Christmas.

The event was scheduled to run through Nov. 30-Dec.3 at San Marcos Plaza Park from 5-11 p.m. and welcomed the holiday spirt with carnival rides, a petting zoo, live music, an ice skating rink, stores and food.

Since there were renovations to location of the event this year, the festival looked different.

Tommy Curtis, President and Coordinator of Sight and Sounds of Christmas. said the layout of festival was more spread out.

“Since we have a lot more space this year everything has been flipped around,” Curtis said. “This year we have a few more carnival rides due to the renovations and the arts and crafts area will have two tents instead of one.”

Curtis said Sights and Sounds of Christmas also had a bigger laser light show and a multicolored Christmas tree.

“Hopefully people notice that our giant 70 foot Christmas tree wasn’t all white this year,” Curtis said.

Sights and Sounds of Christmas isn’t the only tradition San Marcos has during the holidays. The Jingle bell run 5K and the Kids 1K is also a community favorite.

Curtis said the Jingle Bell run 5k and Kid’s 1k are the largest and most unique in the region.

“Everyone usually goes all out for this 5k and dresses up in Christmas attire,” Curtis said. “The racers also get jingles on their feet so when they are running through the town you can hear the jingles.”

Curtis said that the biggest goal throughout the whole weekend is to bring people together and help others.

“All of the money that we raise here at Sights and Sounds is to help out non-profits,” Curtis said. “So, its good to keep in mind that whenever you’re buying food items its going to a good cause.”

Curtis said that Sights and Sounds of Christmas and the Jingle Bell run 5K are traditions that people keep coming back.

“This is our 30th anniversary, and a lot of people have been coming since they were small,” Curtis said. “I think this people come, because it is a huge community tradition and it helps that we are super close to Texas State.”

Joy Smith, San Marcos resident, said she has come to Sight and Sounds every year since she has had a family.

“I think it’s a Christmas tradition and it kind just kicks off Christmas for our family,” Smith said. “Also, of course we come for the biscuits.”

Curtis said the biscuits are their number one selling food item at the festival.

“Typically we hear the lights and the entertainment are reasons why people come to Sights and Sounds, but the biscuits are something everyone compliments,” Curtis said.

Jayden Carmona, San Marcos resident and volunteer, said he has been coming to sights and sounds every year for 5 years.

“I love sights and sounds, everyone is really nice and like that I get to be here and volunteer with my friends,” Carmona said. “My favorite part of this event is the animals, because they let you pet them.”