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5 DIY Cheap Christmas Decorations

Christmas is right around the corner, enjoy these college budget DIY decorations.
Photo by: Brandon Valencia | Staff Photographer

Getting into the holiday spirit can be a challenge for broke college students. However, there are countless ways to decorate dorms or apartments on a budget.

Here are six DIY, cheap Christmas decoration ideas to get festive without breaking the bank.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

As the semester is coming to an end and finals are nearing, students will need to load up on coffee. Take a break from studying to try out this DIY idea.

  1. Fold a white coffee filter over into a triangle.
  2. Use regular or decorative edge scissors to cut out designs into the coffee filter.
  3. Unfold the filter to see a snowflake.
  4. Try different designs and make as many as desired.
  5. Tape snowflakes onto a window or door for guests to enjoy.

Cotton Ball Snow

To create a winter wonderland in the comfort of your dorm or apartment, follow these DIY steps.

  1. Get a needle, white thread, cotton balls and push pins from the local Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby.
  2. Dab some glue onto the thread, so the cotton balls are more secure.
  3. Put the thread in the needle and string it through the center of the cotton balls.
  4. Leave space in between the cotton balls to achieve a snowy illusion.
  5. Hang your cotton ball strings from the ceiling with push pins, so it looks as though snow is falling in your room.

Snowman Door or Fridge

Do you want to build a snowman? It’s hard to come by snow in central Texas, so building a real snowman is somewhat impossible. Follow these DIY steps to create your own Olaf.

  1. Find some colorful paper lying around, or purchase black and orange paper from Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart.
  2. Cut out two black circles for the eyes, then five smaller ones for the smile.
  3. Additionally, cut out four smaller black circles for the buttons.
  4. Create a carrot nose by cutting out a triangle from orange paper.
  5. Tape all of the materials onto a door or refrigerator, so Frosty can come to life.

Felt Christmas Tree

For those who want to create their own Christmas tree, follow these DIY steps. Hobby Lobby will be your best friend for this decoration.

  1. Go to Hobby Lobby and buy a green Styrofoam cone and green felt.
  2. Use a circular object to assist in tracing on the green felt.
  3. Then, cut out your circles with scissors.
  4. Use pins to stick your felt circles onto the Styrofoam cone. Start from the bottom and make your way to the top by overlapping the circles.
  5. Continue until the entire cone is filled with the green felt circles.
  6. Decorate it with some Christmas lights.

Pinecone Wreath

Buying a holiday wreath from the store can get pricy, so follow these DIY steps to create your own pinecone wreath on a budget.

  1. Go to Hobby Lobby or another craft store to find pony beads, which are plastic circles.
  2. Scavenge at Sewell Park or Purgatory Creek to find around 20 pinecones.
  3. Hot glue the pony beads to the top of each pinecone.
  4. Use a wire hanger and bend it into a circular shape for the wreath base.
  5. String the wire through each pony bead on the pinecones. Make sure there are no gaps in between the cones.
  6. Optional: use white spray paint to give your pinecone wreath a snowy effect.
  7. Attach a holiday ribbon to top of your homemade wreath.