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Use college to prepare for a better tomorrow


Students continue on to secondary education because they believe the adage that the more educated they are, the better job they can obtain. In a sense, that belief is true, especially if you take advantage of the career opportunities and political prospects placed in front of you.

To ensure you will have a successful future, you must take matters into your own hands. Attend career fairs, visit museums and workshops, immerse yourself in knowledge about the world around you and make sure you go vote.

Texas State offers a variety of resources to network and meet future employers. Last week, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication hosted its annual Mass Communication week to bring mass communication professionals to campus and into classrooms.

Professionals from a variety of companies such as Austin advertising agencies and Google allowed students the opportunity to learn about what it takes to work in that field—but only if they showed up.

As college students, it seems as though we can have a difficult time showing up to events that do not involve alcohol or free food. Turnout is important for the continuation of job fairs and various career-driven opportunities on campus. It is also highly crucial that we show up to vote in elections—federal, state and local.

When we do not show up to networking events or local debates, we miss out on opportunities to take our futures into our own hands.

Sure you can complain if the city decides to make a drastic change where you live, but if you did not vote on the proposition should you really be that upset?

No, you should not. You, just as many other students have, missed the opportunity to make a difference in your own life and ensure your well-being. Well-being is what is at stake along with peace of mind, when we do not vote.

College students make up 21 percent of the eligible voting population, but only 17 percent showed up to vote in the 2014 elections. The current presidential election will most likely turn out more voters, but it should not take political extremes to inspire voting.

As much as people like to joke about it, you cannot just pick up and move to another country if the election does not end in your favor. Immigration policies are in place in other countries, just as they are here. Do not let American entitlement cloud your judgment and fool you.

Just as some Americans do not want more immigrants flocking to our shores, many other countries feel the same.

The only way to guarantee that your voice is heard is to vote. When you vote on issues that are important to you, you are not only safeguarding your future but the future of your families and the Americans who will follow.

Take a study break this Nov. 8 and go vote. Your future depends