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Travis E. Green obituary

Photo courtesy of Gregory Arellano .

By Gregory Arellano

Travis E. Green was the closest thing I’ve ever had to a spiritual soulmate. Having the opportunity to know him for as long as I did was an absolute privilege. Not many people get to experience legends within their lifetime, let alone get the opportunity to live and laugh with them for a whole month.

Throughout the experience of his passing, I’ve come to realize that Travis E. Green was many things: a poet, actor, rapper, vocalist and a dear friend. But above all else, Travis was an artist. He was the whisper of inspiration in your darkest moments, his words were the songs that you sang to yourself through trials and tribulations, and his hugs were the most comforting handshake that you could ask for. The beautiful elegance of his smile lives on through every ray of sunlight that beams down on us.

Travis E. Green wrote three novels including “Immanuel: Poems of Endearment”, “The Voice Behind the Vocalist”, and “Alone in the Crowd: Defining Diversity through Poetry.” At Texas State University, Travis won the hearts of hundreds through his incredible charisma and self-disciplined performance standard. Through his positions as Student Organizations Council President and as Secretary of the Association of Hispanic Journalists at Texas State, Travis furthered his mission of making Texas State the best university in the nation.

Travis’ aura epitomized the most beautiful parts of humanity. His laughs reflected contagious joys, even when the joke was on you, and he never failed at reminding you of how cherished you were. Travis loved and cared for everyone. He left behind a legacy of work that will be continued through the Off on a Tangent Creative Arts Collective- of which has produced an awards show, countless concerts, journalism articles, short films, and records under his leadership.

His kindness and unwavering selflessness along with his incredible work ethic will never be forgotten. We will forever strive to become the legend he would have been.

It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later, my splendid love.

Forever yours, Gregory.

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