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The University Star is not endorsing a presidential candidate

Infographic by: Jessica Strickland | Design Chief

It is common for publications to endorse a presidential candidate in an election year; however, The University Star will not endorse a candidate.

Publications such as The Dallas Morning News, which traditionally endorse a Republican candidate, have gone against their norm and endorsed candidates they would not have had this been a more normal election. For this reason, and our desire to remain as unbiased as possible, we would not like to endorse Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or any third party candidate.

This election has inflamed moral battles and brought to question what values the United States holds dear. The University Star feels that neither candidate embodies our interests and the interests of our readers.

We understand from our survey results, responders would rather see Clinton in office; however a large group of participants were undecided or preferred not to respond. We also support our students, faculty and members of the San Marcos community right to vote and we hope you make the decision you feel is best.

The University Star urges you to vote and will continue to strive to be the best publication we can.

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