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Social Media to play role in “Legally Blonde” musical

Victoria Gresham, musical theater senior, rehearses Nov. 4 inside the Patti Strickel Harrison Theatre. The Department of Theatre and Dance will premiere its musical adaptation of Legally Blonde Nov. 15.
Photo by: Daryl Ontiveros | Staff Photographer

Victoria Gresham, musical theater senior, has mastered the “bend and snap” as she takes on the role of Elle Woods in the upcoming production of the Texas State Theatre and Dance Department’s version of “Legally Blonde.”

The performance will be held at the Patti Strickel Harrison Theatre at Texas State University Nov. 15-20.

Gresham has been preparing for her role as Elle Woods since the summer.

As the main character, Gresham said she has faced a long production process.

Gresham describes the character Elle Woods as a figure she looked up to while growing up.

Gresham saw Elle Woods as a role model in terms of confidence and female power.

Gresham said she isn’t nervous about playing the part but instead finds herself excited to bring the role to life.

“This show is a beast of its own,” said Gresham. “With this particular production, the character (Elle) is the heart and soul of the whole thing.”

The hardest part of the production and preparation process for Gresham has been keeping up with the level of positivity and high energy the character has.

“It is definitely a test of stamina,” said Gresham. “I have to make sure I’m healthy and really in the zone during rehearsal. I have to walk in ready to throw myself into the show.”

Although her schedule is tight, Gresham said she finds rehearsal to be a relaxing outlet after a long day.

Cassandra Abate, assistant professor for the department of theater and dance, has been working on the details of the musical for nearly a year.

Abate has been modernizing the production by incorporating social media and technology into the show.

While the original film of “Legally Blonde” was released in 2001, much of what Abate is including was not yet created, such as Snapchat and other social media platforms.

“We’ve incorporated social media not only into the show itself but also by creating a large social media presence,” said Abate.

The cast and crew has featured highlights of the production process on all major social media platforms as a way to help market the production and give audiences a behind-the-scenes look.

Trevor Berger, musical theater junior, will be playing the role of Emmet Richmond—Woods’ love interest.

Berger said he has enjoyed going through the preparation and rehearsal process with Gresham.

“What makes her a great team partner is her ability to kind of roll with it, which allows us play off of each other,” Berger said. “We have great chemistry on stage.”

As lead actors, Berge and Gresham are excited to play the roles together due to their history as friends.

“We were good friends before we got casted these roles,” said Berger. “We were both really looking forward to getting to work with each other. We haven’t really had a chance since we’ve been here to play alongside each other.”

Tickets can be purchased online through Texas State Presents.