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Quad Fashion Finds – Sweater Weather Edition


Flannels and layers were seen on the Quad this week as Bobcats began to dress for the fall weather and cool temperatures.

1Eric Rabara

Eric Rabara, psychology junior, said he feels more confident when dressing in his own style rather than following trends.

“My favorite thing to wear is jackets and hoodies,” Rabara said. “Like, it’s hot today, but I am still wearing my jacket.”

Rabara said he incorporates pieces he already owns into his outfits instead of buying new clothes to dress for the season.

“I like to get ready for the seasons and just look at what I have in my closet and mix up my wardrobe,” Rabara said.

2Dana Buonya

Dana Buonya, biochemistry sophomore, said she believes in the “dress well, test well” theory.

The theory says those who dress well on test days do better on exams.

“I wanted to feel good about my look today, because I have a lot of exams coming up,” Buonya said. “Whenever I dress myself up I feel motivated to go to school, and I feel good.”

Dark brown shorts and white tops accentuate the fall season color scheme.

Buonya said she is excited for the cold weather and all of the accessories that come with it.

“Fall is my favorite part of the year and I can’t wait to finally wear big coats, scarves, and sweaters soon,” Buonya said.

3Exsar Arguello

Exsar Arguello, journalism junior, said his favorite places to shop are Pac Sun, Forever 21, and H&M.

“I love fashion, and I always kind of have, and I think it’s a great way to build confidence in a person,” Arguello said. “Not only that, but it’s just a form of self-expression.”

Arguello said he has been ready for “sweater weather” for a while, and if it was colder he would pair the outfit with a flannel.

“I have a bunch of flannels and bomber jackets, and I really want to wear them, but I just can’t, because it’s so damn hot.” Arguello said. “Also, jean jackets are in and I am just patiently waiting to wear them.”

Arguello said his plain white long ripped t-shirt was on sale at Pac Sun when he got it.

“I am a guy who looks for sales, and I will probably buy more after my next paycheck,” Arguello said.

4Caitlin Ramsey

Caitlin Ramsey, exploratory freshman, said she expresses herself through unique clothing.

“Whenever I dress myself I like to be different and wear what I want to wear,” Ramsey said. “For example, I know nobody has this jacket, because I got it from the thrift store so it’s ‘my’ jacket.”

This “hipster” look could save money and make an old outfit new.

Ramsey said she tie-dyed her own shirt and found her shorts at a thrift store.

“My outfit is cute and comfortable and so that works really well for me,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey said she is excited for the temperature to drop so she can finally wear pants and buy more jackets.

5Fernanda Franco

Fernanda Franco, social work freshman, said she likes to feel comfortable and fashion forward.

Franco said her look was inspired by the 90’s decade grunge fashion.

“I am wearing tights, so I guess I really do follow trends and I also feel really comfortable” Franco said. “T-shirts are always a cool way to stay cozy, especially during the fall.”

Franco said that dressing for the fall is less complicated than summer clothing.

“In the fall, it’s cool because you get to layer clothes, and I feel like that’s pretty easy to do,” Franco said.