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Quad Fashion Finds: boots edition


As the weather begins to cool, students have been spotted with their favorite pairs of boots to compliment their fall outfits.

5Margaret Delamater

Margaret Delamater, art history senior, said Kanye West’s fashion show has influenced boot trends.

“What I am seeing right now in fashion is low cut boots and super high ones, but really nothing in the middle,” Delamater said.

Delamater said she got her booties from Target and believes they are a better buy than riding boots.

“I think Chelsea Boots—the ones I am wearing right now—seem to be popular,” Delamater said. “I feel like these shoes are easier to wear because it is harder to pull off a riding boot.”

Delamater said she is excited to layer clothes this season.

“Personally I was running out of fashion ideas because I had worn my summer clothes for so long, so it’s nice to change it up,” Delamater said.

4Elizabeth Pena

Elizabeth Pena, interdisciplinary studies junior, said she got her $30 riding boots from Forever 21 a year ago.

“I usually wear my riding boots with jeans or leggings, and sometimes I like to style them with an oversized sweatshirt,” Pena said.

Pena said she prefers to wear booties instead of riding boots because of unpredictable weather.

“I love that the weather is changing, but it kind of throws me off because you’re never prepared,” Pena said. “So, I like booties because it doesn’t get too hot easily as the day progresses.”

3Jeremy Bonesteel and Matthew Neese

Jeremy Bonesteel, health and fitness management junior, and Matthew Neese, exercise and sports science freshman, said both bought boots from Cavender’s Boot City.

Neese said males who wear cowboy boots usually go for the square toe and low heel.

“We style our boots like this all of the time with white wash wranglers,” Bonesteel said. “These are like my everyday pair, especially rainy days.”

Bonesteel said styling boots isn’t always uniformed.

“Sometimes we will go extravagant—wear our boots with some jorts,” said Bonesteel.

Neese said jorts is a slang word for homemade jean shorts.

2Isabelle Owenga

Isabelle Owenga, psychology sophomore, said she has 10 different pairs of boots in her closet.

“When it starts getting colder you don’t always have to wear sneakers or flip flops,” Owenga said. “I think it’s good to wear something different.”

Owenga said she styles her outfits according to her mood.

“Sometimes I wear leggings, jeans or I wear a dress with boots, but it’s honestly whatever I am feeling that day,” Owenga said.

1Daniel Hernandez

Daniel Hernandez, microbiology senior, said he usually styles his desert boots with rolled up skinny jeans.

“I like all kinds of boots, but I like these desert boots the best,” Hernandez said. “They are more casual and I can wear them on campus in any type of weather. They are just really versatile.”

Hernandez said desert boots are trending for men and is excited to style them with his fall attire.

“I feel like a lot of people are wearing them around on campus,” Hernandez said. “I am excited to wear the clothes I haven’t worn with my boots.”