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Politics on campus: the numbers

Infographic by: Jessica Strickland | Design Chief

The results of a survey intended to determine political alignment has shed light on how the school’s community feels about the state of our nation.

Out of 1,591 participants, over 70 percent were students, and nearly 30 percent were faculty and members of staff. Of the students who took the survey, the majority of responders were in their final two years of their undergraduate degree and most of them were Caucasian women aged 23 years or older.

Of the total number of participants, 60 percent approved of Barack Obama’s performance as President in varying degrees; 30 percent disapproved in varying degrees, and roughly 10 percent were unsure.

Out of everyone who took the survey, 46.3 percent responded negatively to the question of whether the country is headed on the right or wrong track. Of those responders, only 83.7 percent said they are registered to vote, and only 83 percent of those people said they feel that they are extremely likely to vote.

The majority of responders identified with the Democratic party, with Republicans coming in second and Independents making up the third-largest classification.

The majority of responders disapproved of the campus carry law that went into effect on Aug. 1 in varying degrees. Only 156 out of 1,591 people said that they have a concealed handgun license, and 79 of those people said that they regularly bring their firearm to campus.