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Mala Luna Music Festival: Weekend Wrap Up

Photo by: Trista Castillo | Staff Photographer

Mala Luna Music Festival sold out this past weekend as Lone Star Brewery filled up with hip-hop and electronic dance music fans.

At the entrance of Mala Luna, artists could be seen painting street art bringing Mala Luna to life with paintings of skeletons and candy skulls.

When it came to food, the Hoodrat burger was a big hit at the festival.

The burger is made up of al pastor meat and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos between two burger buns and is served with a fresanada with sliced cucumbers and chamoy sauce topped with Tajin seasoning.

“I love the type of food that they have here, I love the Hoodrat burger because it has Flamin’ Hot Cheetos,” Gabriela Carranza, San Antonio resident, said. “It’s a funny name.”


Lil Yachty, Tory Lanez, Steve Aoki and Travis Scott performed Saturday alongside other hip-hop and EDM artists.

Lil Yachty took the stage and the first thing he addressed was his ‘rap beef’ or conflict with rapper Soulja Boy.

“Don’t nobody listen to (him) no more,” Lil Yachty said.

Lil Yachty encouraged the crowd to create mosh pits before he began.

“I need to see mosh pits,” Lil Yachty said. “Open up the circle. I need to see about four or five mosh pits.”

Rae Sremmurd took the stage after Lil Yachty performed.

During Sremmurd’s performance, audience members began waving their hands in the air when “Black Beetles” began to play.

Lanez yelled into the crowd at the beginning of every song.

“Let’s do this (thing) right,” Lanez said. “Turn my mic up, turn my music up.”

The crowd screamed in excitement.

Cruz Maldonado, festival volunteer, was excited to come see Lanez.

“I’ve heard how crazy he gets at his concerts”, Maldonado said.

Lanez crowd surfed during his hit “Diego”.

As the sun began to set, Aoki and Scott ended the night as the headliners of Mala Luna’s opening night.

Aoki gave an interactive performance by jumping up onto the DJ table and dancing along with the crowd.

Aoki treated his audience to dessert by throwing cakes into the crowd.

Fans were waving handmade signs that read “cake me” in hopes of being one of the lucky people to be caked by Aoki.

Aoki got into the Halloween spirit by sporting a ski mask and remixing music from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Pyshco”.

Sremmurd joined Scott on stage as he began his opening song.

Sremmurd grabbed an audience member’s University of Texas-San Antonio school flag and began waving it around on stage.

“You see that flag that (he’s) holding up?” Scott said. “I used to go to that school.”

Scott reminisces back on his college days when he would make music instead of making it to class.

“I’m not telling you to quit school,” Scott said. “I’m just telling you to follow your dream.”

He closed Saturday night with his hit song from his top charted album, “Birds in The Trap Sing McKnight”.


Kehlani, Lil Uzi Vert and Young Jeezy performed before G-Eazy and Kaskade headlined on Sunday night.

In between songs, Kehlani asked the audience about Halloween costumes.

“Are there any Harley’s and Jokers out there,” Kehlani said. “I wish I could bring y’all up here, but I can’t so I’m gonna play this song instead”

She started singing “Gangsta”, a song recorded for the DC Comics film “Suicide Squad”.

Lil Uzi Vert interacted with the audience on stage by throwing water bottles into the crowd and dancing when anyone in the crowed managed to catch a bottle.

Young Jeezy took the stage in place of Kevin Gates because he was unable to attend the festival.

After performing a few songs from his new album, “Trap or Die 3”, the crowd began to shout “free Kevin Gates”.

Young Jeezy’s DJ began playing Kevin Gates’ song “Really Really” and the audience began to sing along.